A.R.F.F. – Region 13 (Hudson, MA)

Contact: Barb Black at Barbcre8s@gmail.com

Awesome Racing Flyball Fanatics Facebook page

Founded in 1997, A.R.F.F. (Awesome Racing Flyball Fanatics) is the longest running flyball club in New England. We are on our third generation of flyball dogs and are looking for a few enthusiastic new flyballers to become part of ARFF 3.0! Our members participate in other dog sports as well together (canine disc – freestyle and Updog games).

We keep competition in perspective. Our mission is to provide our precious dogs and their handlers fun, safe times – at all times. Teamwork is our highest goal and greatest challenge. We use the latest training methods, and constantly strive to improve our training technique.

Our club is happy to train anyone who really wants to learn the game and is willing to commit to weekly practices. Flyball is a sport with a lengthy learning period. If you are serious about putting in the time required to master this awesome team sport, you and your dog will be well rewarded! Contact our team captain at the email listed above, or through our Facebook page for more information.

Denver Speed Demons – Region 19 (Westminster, Colorado)


Denver Speed Demons Facebook page

Denver Speed Demons really focus’ on the fun aspect of Flyball. We all realize that this is just a fun game to play with your dog. However, don’t be fooled by this, just because we are laid back and like to have a good time doesn’t mean we don’t have the competitive spirit and can kick some major dog booty!!

Denver Speed Demons was founded with four purposes:

1) To promote the sport of flyball without discrimination based on breed, pedigree, age, athletic ability or competitive drive, while emphasizing teamwork and fun;

2) To promote responsible pet ownership and the strengthening of the human-canine bonds through education, demonstrations and organized events;

3) To promote and encourage members’ involvement with and the public’s support of animal welfare and animal rescue efforts by conducting demonstrations at fundraising events sponsored by national and local animal welfare and animal rescue organizations; and

4) To support animal welfare and animal rescue via volunteer work for national and local animal welfare and animal rescue organizations, including but not limited to providing financial support to animal welfare and animal rescue organizations.

Check our our website or Facebook page to get in contact with us.

Barkbarians – Region 4 (Mukwango, Wisconsin)

Candid shots are the best…Barkbarians at our training facility
Barkbarians…take two.

Contact our captain through Facebook

Barkbarians are all about having fun with our dogs. We’re in it for the bond we build with our dogs and that is more important that winning championships. We are probably proudest of our dogs that have won Iron Dog awards (award for running NAFA flyball for 10 consecutive years)!

Elwood & Tika

Our club practices at For Pet’s Sake in Mukwango, WI. We love to get together outside of flyball as well. We love to have parties with wood-fired pizza, some wine, and of course all of our dogs. We are all about fun! Run Fast! Bark loud!

We invite all dogs and their people to come out and join us in this sport we love! Contact Margaret Weis on Facebook or at margaret@margaretweis.com.


Portland Tail Blazers – Region 7 (Vancouver, Washington)

Sabia excels at many dog sports..but there is a special joy in her flyball racing. She is now the Pharaoh Hound with the highest points earned in NAFA, heading towards her FMX title.

Contact email: ptbflyball@gmail.com https://www.portlandtailblazersflyball.club/

Portland Tail Blazers Facebook page

It takes a team!! Portland Tail Blazers know that flyball is a true team sport. From beginner classes to tournament racing, all of us contribute to the success of the group. Commitment to the team is important and includes coming to practice and attending tournaments. The payoff is huge though. There’s no other dog sport like it. We’re there for each other and support each dog & handler’s success!

We are the ‘home flyball team’ for the Portland Trail Blazers, and do halftime demonstrations with our rival Muddy Paws A’Flyin’ of Salem, two or three times a year.
Flyball student, Chippy (aka Lambchop) is happy to be learning flyball on the slant board, and dreams of her future as a height dog.

We invite prospective flyball students to visit a beginning flyball class and our weekly team practice. We hold classes and practice on Sundays at Dog Days in Vancouver, WA.

Lemon has a zest for his advanced skills training. This Puli will soon be making his flyball debut!


• To have fun with our dogs ;

• To be a competitive team that participates in seven to ten tournaments per year;

• To train our dogs with positive, proven methods that enable them to achieve the fastest times in the safest manner;

• To promote the sport of flyball by taking part in local demonstrations and fun matches;

• To support our team and teammates in our flyball endeavors.

Portland Tail Blazers Team
If Quasar measured his flyball joy in points, he’d be excited to know he’s almost reached his Onyx title. But this little guy measures flyball joy from heat to heat, living in the flyball NOW!
Lovely Australian Shepherd, LOLA!, knows her job and loves it! Over all the jumps – check! Elegant box turn – check! Retrieve the ball – check! And hit that frisbee reward hard in the runback – check!

Carolina Overdrive – Region 9 (Darlington, South Carolina)

Carolina Overdrive

Contact email: tikiandcheyenne@gmail.com

Carolina Overdrive Flyball Facebook page

Carolina Overdrive is a newly formed club located in Darlington, S.C., with members from Darlington, Florence, Sumter and the surrounding areas. We love to have fun, be as competitive as possible in our region, and we take great pride in our team. We strongly believe in the phrase “there is no I in team”. We celebrate, sweat and bleed together as a team, and we all work together for the betterment of each dog on the club.

It is very important to us that each dog and handler team’s abilities are recognized and honed. Carolina Overdrive has a variety of dogs including a couple of toy poodles!! The club is currently looking for motivated, committed people to join us for fun with their dogs and to help grow the club. We love sharing our sport with new handlers. Check us out on Facebook at Carolina Overdrive Flyball (link above) to learn more about us! Feel free to private message or email us to learn more about practice times and how you and your dog can get involved in this exciting sport!

Omaha Speed Racers Flyball – Region 21 (Omaha, NE & Atlantic, IA)

Omaha Speed Racers


Omaha Speed Racers Facebook page

Omaha Speed Racers are a club that focuses on fun with our dogs and friends – while being super competitive at the same time! We like to celebrate our dogs’ successes and we eat A LOT of cake! We have a great group of people who participate in multiple dog sports together. We plan fun trips to tournaments in other regions and create many hilarious memories along the way!

Everyone gets cake when we celebrate!
OSR at the Summer Sizzler Flyball Tournament July 27-28, 2019. Hosted by our friends, Skidmarkz Flyball.

Our club teaches classes and is happy to bring new people into this great dog sport! Taking classes helps build a great relationship with your dog. Many of our team members started with a dog that had challenges in everyday life, and flyball offered a great way to channel that energy into a positive activity that can be played together. We love to encourage each and every breed, type, or size of dog to participate in flyball!

Celebrating our win at CanAm! The biggest flyball tournament in the world.

Omaha Speed Racers are the 2018 Region 21 Multibreed and Regular Champions. We have never missed a CanAm, since it began, and have been part of the Invitational. Our team was recently invited to participate in the 2019 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge.

We have training classes available! Contact us at
Speedracersflyball@gmail.com to get more details.

Redline Dogsports – Region 12 (Lethbridge, Alberta)

Redline team member. Look at that focus!

Redline Dogsports Facebook page
Contact email: redlinedogsports@gmail.com

Redline Dogsports is a small flyball club based in Lethbridge, Alberta. Our club members love to spend time together; taking part in many social activites together outside of the racing lanes. Flyball is unique among dog sports in that it is very much a team sport, and you often spend all weekend together at a tournament. Being friends make this even more enjoyable.

Dressed up for a 1950s themed tournament!

We believe every dog has an important place on the team. We have a fast, competitive team but we also work just as hard to get the non-traditional breeds (those other than border collies and whippets) running and enjoying flyball as well. Our team includes NAFA’s #4 All-time Beagle!

We are a positive based training team, and believe flyball should be fun for both dogs and their human handlers, above all else. We are seeking new club members – reach out to us through our Facebook page or email listed above. Come join the fun!

On The Fly Flyball – Region 2 (Bowmanville, Ontario)


For info on flyball lessons:

On The Fly was established in 2007 by Morgan Jarvis, owner of K9 Central Inc.. Morgan has been involved in flyball since 1987, and has travelled the world teaching and organizing flyball competitions. This included a trip to Japan in 2005, by invitation to organize a flyball tournament and present flyball seminars.

Many of the team members on On The Fly were former flyball students at the facility in Bowmanville. These team members now help to teach the flyball classes. Not only is On The Fly is one of Ontario’s fastest flyball teams, many of the dogs on the team have been trained and titled to their ONYX and Grand Champion Awards.

On The Fly uses only positive motivational training. We are a team that values family, friends and a sense of community. Flyball is great dog sport for active, high energy dogs. It’s a great way to get that extra energy out and work as a partner with your dog in a team environment. Check out this link for details about lessons and further contact information:

Morgan and Tactix

Queen City Road Runners – Region 14 (Clarksville & Dickson, Tennessee)

Queen City Road Runners Facebook Page

Email: icflyball@hotmail.com www.flyballdogs.com/qcrr


The Queen City Road Runners is a not for profit flyball club formed in 2007 with a mission of providing a fun and safe environment for dog sport enthusiasts. The Road Runners have students/members from all over middle Tennessee.

Deborah and Eli Yoder, the club owners, first learned of the sport after working the animal rescue efforts following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. They adopted Katie, a 4-month old Labrador mix, who presented with many social/fear issues. Using her love for the tennis ball, they quickly learned the value of fun and discovered FLYBALL!!!!!

The founding team dogs include Blue FGDCH 50K an Australian Cattle Dog, aka Wile E. Coyote, Katie ONYX, Monty FGDCH, a whippet, and our two height dogs, Taz, FGDCH and Sophie, FGDCH. Our Iron Dogs include, Blue, Taz and Sophie. Brags include Can Am Classic Champions Regular Div VII 2016. The Queen City Road Runners focus on educating the public on the value of fun and play through dog sport; participating in fundraising events to promote rescue and responsible pet ownership in our community; and fostering the next generation of potential flyball dogs. The original Road Runners have retired, and we have several new dogs hitting the lanes.

Our mantra is “Every Dog is a Champion.” We offer 4 free classes to pups adopted from any shelter or rescue. All breeds, including, mixed breeds, are welcome to play flyball. (One of the main reasons, we love the sport!) We emphasize the human/dog relationship based on mutual trust and respect and more importantly, the power of play!

We practice and hold beginner classes weekly in our training facility. We are accepting new students and visitors are always welcome. Come check us out. BEEP BEEP!

We are located near Clarksville and Dickson, Tennessee

786 Indian Creek Rd,
Cumberland Furnace, TN

Contact: Eli @931-220-4907 or Deborah @931-216-5348

Photo credit: Ambient Exposure Photography

Crazy Train Flyball – Region 6 (Phoenix, Arizona)

www.crazytrainflyball.com info@crazytrainflyball.com

Crazy Train Flyball was created with the vision of being a competitive, fun flyball team.  We are always looking for people and dogs that love the sport and want to excel to the best of their ability.  The best thing about our club is that we all work to support each other and each other’s dogs.   We often compete in Multibreed division where each dog is a different breed.  On our team we have Border Collies, Jack Russell Terriers, Australian Cattle Dogs, German Shepherd, Pomeranian, purposely bred Mixes and Rescues. We attend all instate and regional tournaments, (Arizona, Utah, Nevada and some in Southern California).

Our team hosts one to two tournaments a year in Arizona.  Our team also travels cross country for the “super bowl” of flyball tournaments, CanAm in Indianapolis, Indiana in October.  Crazy Train is a non-profit social club.

Achievements:  NAFA Multibreed Champion in 2016; Region 6, Multibreed Champion for 2016; 2017, 2018 and 2019; Regular Champion for 2017, 2018 and 2019 and Region 6 Overall Champion in 2019.  

Seattle FlyDogs – Region 7 (Woodinville, Washington & Bend, Oregon)

Seattle FlyDog in Action!


Being a Seattle FlyDog is something very special in region 7. This 10-year-old flyball club was created for inclusivity! We believe all dogs, all breeds, all speeds should get to play in sports. We support that flyball athletes come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities. (humans too!)

Come take lessons with our community flyball club and Be a FLYDOG! 


Our lessons are taught as drop-in style with many different levels learning at the same time. As you and your dog grow in skill, you achieve different levels: MightyDog, HotDog, then SuperDog. As a SuperDog you are invited to learn how to pass nose to nose on the course with our FlyDogs and ultimately are guided to graduate as a FlyDog.

We grow every year adding handlers and dogs to our community roster and celebrate that growth and individual’s accomplishments with a summer party. We foster an environment of friendship, acceptance and learning.

Lucy, age 9.5, with the Seattle FlyDogs, runs during the halftime show presented by Kaiser Permanente. (Neil Enns/Storm Photos)

Outside of lessons and practice, the fun continues! We are a fan-celebrated flyball-performance team for the Seattle Storm basketball games, Museum of Flight, and many different city festivals. We compete in 4 tournaments a year from Oregon, to Washington, to Vancouver BC and many of our members become friends outside of the club.

We recently expanded with a sister club in Bend, OR where we will continue the mission of teaching all breeds, all speeds how to play this fun sport and building new friendships.

It is important to us that each FlyDog feels like they belong. We support all the clubs in Region 7 and refer FlyDog graduates to clubs that provide more opportunity to compete when that is the individual’s goal. Our secret to success is following our 10-year-old mission statement. Every communication, every decision, and every approach is held to this mission. It is our guiding light and keeps us grounded in purpose. 

The Seattle FlyDogs is a local community club open to membership application by individuals, created with the intent to enrich the lives of dogs and their handlers by offering participation and training in canine athletic sports. Its purpose is for creating public awareness of dog sports, providing weekly drop-in training for all breeds and speeds, and for building camaraderie among its members and students with organized participation in skillful, athletic canine activities.

Seattle FlyDogs Mission Statement

Seattle FlyDogs teach lessons on Sunday nights September to May in Woodinville, WA. Visit our website for more information and reach out if you have any questions. www.seattleflydogs.com.

For info about lessons in Bend, OR please go to www.bendflydogs.com.

Good2Go Flyball – Region 8 (Regina, Saskatchewan)

www.good2goflyball.com Like us on Facebook! Good2Go Flyball

Good2Go Flyball is based in Regina, SK, Canada and was established in 2002. Our team consists of a dedicated group of dog owners and flyball enthusiasts with a wide variety of dogs. We train and compete with everything from Border Collies, to a Papillon and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, to Whippets, sport mixes, rescue pups, and more! Our sights are set on having a good time while bringing out the best in our dogs and each other through safe, positive training and team management. We are open to receiving new student and teammate inquiries at this time.

Landsharks Flyball – Region 20 (Napanee, Ontario)

Jessie’s whippet, Prank, as a shark & Shark head


The Landsharks Flyball Club is focused on positive and encouraging training methods including foundation work, body conditioning and appropriate exercises for your dog. Our dogs are first and foremost our pets. Flyball is so great because dogs and people work together as a team. Our club is very inclusive and has some who face some health challenges. We work within everyone’s abilities. We have some junior handlers right up to an octogenarian!


We draw members from Hastings, Prince Edward and Lennox Counties. Weekly practices are held in Napanee, Ontario

Teamwork is an important part of being on our club – each member is important – both handlers and dogs. Handlers play an active roll in helping other members in all training stages, as well as racing and hosting tournaments. Every member is encouraged to set goals and achievements are celebrated at all levels!

Marg (78 years old) and Buddy, her BC
Phoenix the whippet

We host popular tournaments each year, so come on out and see what Flyball is all about. Looking to get started with us? Check out our website and contact us about joining in our weekly practices. www.landsharks.com

Zoom! Flyball – Region 2 (Hamilton, Ontario)

A few members of our club – just hanging out at a tournament in Nova Scotia a few years back!

2018 Regular Division 10 NAFA CanAm Champs – www.zoomflyball.com

“Zoom!” is a flyball club focused on team spirit, encouragement and fun (and maybe a slight preoccupation with food)! We are proud of the diversity of our team, our dogs and the fun we have playing flyball together. Our crew is made up of Shelties, Border Collies, Mini-Bull Terrier, Cane Corso, Whippets, Rat Terriers, Parson Russell, Boston Terriers, German Short-Haired Pointer, Labrador Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, Mixed Breeds, Berger de Pyrenees and we even had an English Bulldog on the team. So yes, any dog can play Flyball!

It really does take a village to train a Flyball dog and we try to embody that in our team philosophy. Every dog learns at their own speed, with their own challenges to overcome. But typically you can expect it to take about a year to get a new dog ready to race.

Trying to break into a new dog sport with your dog can be challenging – but there are few ways to get introduced to the world of Flyball. We would be happy to talk to anyone interested in trying this sport and provide you with a few options for getting started.

Just visit our website and click the email link at the very bottom of the page to connect. Let us know a bit about yourself and your dog and we can go from there.

SpringLoaded Flyball – Region 2 (Niagara/Grimsby, Ontario)

Multiyear Regional Champions, NAFA Champions and CanAm Champions in both Regular & Multibreed Class, Multiple World Record Holders, Est. 2002

Team Spring Loaded Flyball Facebook page

Contact – kelly@houndsrun.ca

A super competitive club that loves to have fun!

The dogs on our club range in speed from under 3.4 seconds (to run 50 feet over four hurdles, catch the ball off the spring loaded box, and return over the jumps to the finish line!) to over 5.0 seconds. We strive for each dog to realize their full potential and celebrate each goal reached – be it a personal-best time, a NAFA points goal, a Regional, NAFA or CanAm Championship (the annual championship event held in Indianapolis, IN).

SPRINGLOADED is both an American and Canadian Club that loves to be competitive and have fun. We generally host two NAFA tournaments per year and we love to have fun themes, and have people and dogs dress up in costumes and have a blast! Past themes have included Celebrate Canada, Flower Power, and Superheroes!

Although we are not recruiting new members at this time (we are at a size where we quite often run six teams of dogs at a tournament!) our Team Captain, Kelly Price, can offer introductory lessons and/or connect you with other clubs in Region 2 who are looking for new members. Contact her at kelly@houndsrun.ca