Getting to Know the Candidates 2023: Jackie Alcott

My name is Jackie Alcott, and I currently live with my husband and our pack of pups just outside of Charlotte, NC. Originally from “The First State,” Delaware, I’ve found a home in Region 9 where I first discovered and fell in love with Flyball.

My first real attempt at getting into Flyball was just over a decade ago. We had adopted a shelter dog who was sweet but fearful. VERY fearful. I was searching for ways to gain her trust and to build her confidence in the world around her. We decided to give Flyball a shot. We attended a few introductory classes with Turbo Paws and something clicked. I saw that sweet but fearful shelter dog turn into a confident competitor. Flash forward ten years and Nan is now an Iron Dog. Needless to say, we were hooked on Flyball.

What I learned over those first few years, and what I feel is the true “spirit” of Flyball, is that this sport is for everyone. Human and Canine, all are welcome, and all can benefit in so many ways.

Eventually, my competitive nature led me to co-found my own Club, Bitches Be Crazy. For the past several years we have been growing and improving as a club. My experiences with owning a club and captaining multiple teams has helped me to further learn the ins and outs of the Flyball world, and to appreciate the importance of organizations like NAFA.

Outside of Flyball, my background is in Special Education. I hold a Masters Degree in Special Education and Exceptional Children, with a strong focus on Applied Behavioral Analysis. I spent several years teaching students on the Autism Spectrum at the Delaware Autism Program. I led a multidisciplinary team of professionals, creating and implementing individualized education plans for our students and executing those throughout the school year. While my experience with applied behavioral analysis and teaching has translated very well to the world of dog-training and dog-sports, I’m hoping that my leadership experience can translate just as well.

I’m a forward thinking individual who believes in positive change. I’m passionate about Flyball, and hope the sport continues to grow and evolve for the better. I hope to be part of that continued growth and evolution.