Getting to Know Your Candidates – Paula Johnson

Paula Johnson

I have been playing flyball for the last 12 years and a judge for the last 5. This year I had the honour of being asked to be a head judge for CanAm. The experience was beyond my expectations and being able to connect with so many of you and your amazing canine partners was so fulfilling.

I have served on the Board for just a few months now after being asked to fulfill the rest of Emma Mak’s term when a family situation required her to step back from her role. It has opened my eyes to all that goes on behind the scenes to keep this huge organization running. It is no small feat and requires people who are able to balance the needs of all with the long term health of NAFA. Most of all it demands an exorbitant amount of time from those who serve. 

Being recently retired, I feel I have the time to put into helping NAFA grow and prosper. I also bring a background in public relations and marketing as well as management and organizational skills from my previous professional role. I also bring the social skills needed to navigate challenging issues, listen to differing opinions and work with others. 

Paula Johnson

I feel I have only started to get my feet wet on the BOD and would love the opportunity to stay on for a full term. My goals are to continue the work that has been done to rebuild the sport and the organization and to ensure that we are always mindful of making our sport as safe as it can be for our dogs.

I look forward to the Q&A and Live chat to share more of my ideas and answer your questions.

Paula Johnson

Region 2

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