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Looking to get into Flyball, enjoy a team environment, and build fantastic rapport with your dog? This blog has features on NAFA Clubs that are recruiting or offering introductory flyball lessons in your area!


Clubs that can help get you started in the sport (recruiting or offering lessons)*:


AK (Region 18)
CA (Region 16)
CO (Region 19)
HI (Region 17)
ID (Region 12)
MT (Region 12)
NV (Region 6)
OR (Region 7)
UT (Region 6)
WA (Region 7)
WY(Region 19)

CT (Region 13)
MA (Region 13)
ME (Region 13)
NH (Region 13)
NJ (Region 15)
NY (Region 13)
PA (Region 15)
RI (Region 13)
VT (Region 13)


IL (Region 4)
IN (Region 4)
IA (Region 21)
KS (Region 21)
MI (Region 1)
MN (Region 3)
MO (Region 21)
NE (Region 21)
ND (Region 3)
OH (Region 1)
SD (Region 3)
WI (Region 4)

AL (Region 14)
AR (Region 5)
DC (Region 15)
DE (Region 15)
FL (Region 11)
GA (Region 14)
KY (Region 4)
LA (Region 5)
MD (Region 15)
MS (Region 14)
NC (Region 9)
SC (Region 9)
TN (Region 14)
VA (Region 9)
WV(Region 9)


AZ (Region 6)
NM (Region 19)
OK (Region 5)
TX (Region 5)


Clubs that can help get you started in the sport (are recruiting or offering lessons)*:


NL (Region 22)
NB (Region 10)
NS (Region 10)
PE (Region 10)

East ON (Region 20)
West ON (Region 2)
QC (Region 20)


AB (Region 12)
MB (Region 8)
SK (Region 8)

BC (Region 7)

*Please also check out the NAFA Locator for contact info for all NAFA clubs, as well as contact info for Regional Directors (RDs). NAFA RDs can help get you started in the sport.

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NAFA Canam Flyball Classic, an annual tournament held in Indianapolic, IN – the biggest flyball tournament in the world!