A.R.F.F. – Region 13 (Hudson, MA)

Contact: Barb Black at Barbcre8s@gmail.com

Awesome Racing Flyball Fanatics Facebook page

Founded in 1997, A.R.F.F. (Awesome Racing Flyball Fanatics) is the longest running flyball club in New England. We are on our third generation of flyball dogs and are looking for a few enthusiastic new flyballers to become part of ARFF 3.0! Our members participate in other dog sports as well together (canine disc – freestyle and Updog games).

We keep competition in perspective. Our mission is to provide our precious dogs and their handlers fun, safe times – at all times. Teamwork is our highest goal and greatest challenge. We use the latest training methods, and constantly strive to improve our training technique.

Our club is happy to train anyone who really wants to learn the game and is willing to commit to weekly practices. Flyball is a sport with a lengthy learning period. If you are serious about putting in the time required to master this awesome team sport, you and your dog will be well rewarded! Contact our team captain at the email listed above, or through our Facebook page for more information.