Some Ruff Competition – Region 2 (Hamilton, Ontario)

Some Ruff Competition (SRC) is a community of like-minded individuals who also enjoy spending time together outside of the sport. The club prides itself on its positive training methods, tailored to each dog, breed, and handler to ensure safety, success, and most importantly, fun.

SRC has a track record of excellence, having been invited three times (2011, 2017, 2019) to the prestigious NAFA CanAm Championships, and most recently, to the AKC Dog Challenge in 2022.  The club finished third in the 2022 Region 2 Championship and had the most Regional Points and were the top-ranked club in the standings for Regional Overall Club Championship in Region 2 for 2020.

SRC is currently ranked as the 18th Fastest Regular Club and 14th Fastest Multibreed Club (NAFA, All-Time). Several breeds, including Airedale Terriers, Bearded Collies, and Bernese Mountain Dogs, have earned top point earnings rankings, highlighting the club’s commitment to developing individual dogs’ skills and strengths.

Led by Emily Venator, Some Ruff Competition offers weekly Flyball classes year-round at all levels. Classes are hosted at the Doggielicious Training & Event Centre and Team Practices are hosted at the Raw4Dogs Athletic Centre, among other private facilities.

We are excited to welcome new members to our community of Flyball enthusiasts. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for announcements on our weekly classes and upcoming Flyball events, such as the Flyball Fundamentals Workshop. Join us, and experience the thrill of Flyball Some Ruff Competition.

Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram for class announcements as well as special events such as our Flyball Fundamentals Workshop!


Facebook: SRCFlyball

Instagram: @SRCflyball


On The Fly Flyball – Region 2 (Bowmanville, Ontario)

For info on flyball lessons:

On The Fly was established in 2007 by Morgan Jarvis, owner of K9 Central Inc.. Morgan has been involved in flyball since 1987, and has travelled the world teaching and organizing flyball competitions. This included a trip to Japan in 2005, by invitation to organize a flyball tournament and present flyball seminars.

Many of the team members on On The Fly were former flyball students at the facility in Bowmanville. These team members now help to teach the flyball classes. Not only is On The Fly is one of Ontario’s fastest flyball teams, many of the dogs on the team have been trained and titled to their ONYX and Grand Champion Awards.

On The Fly uses only positive motivational training. We are a team that values family, friends and a sense of community. Flyball is great dog sport for active, high energy dogs. It’s a great way to get that extra energy out and work as a partner with your dog in a team environment. Check out this link for details about lessons and further contact information:

Morgan and Tactix

Zoom! Flyball – Region 2 (Hamilton, Ontario)

A few members of our club – just hanging out at a tournament in Nova Scotia a few years back!

2018 Regular Division 10 NAFA CanAm Champs –

“Zoom!” is a flyball club focused on team spirit, encouragement and fun (and maybe a slight preoccupation with food)! We are proud of the diversity of our team, our dogs and the fun we have playing flyball together. Our crew is made up of Shelties, Border Collies, Mini-Bull Terrier, Cane Corso, Whippets, Rat Terriers, Parson Russell, Boston Terriers, German Short-Haired Pointer, Labrador Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, Mixed Breeds, Berger de Pyrenees and we even had an English Bulldog on the team. So yes, any dog can play Flyball!

It really does take a village to train a Flyball dog and we try to embody that in our team philosophy. Every dog learns at their own speed, with their own challenges to overcome. But typically you can expect it to take about a year to get a new dog ready to race.

Trying to break into a new dog sport with your dog can be challenging – but there are few ways to get introduced to the world of Flyball. We would be happy to talk to anyone interested in trying this sport and provide you with a few options for getting started.

Just visit our website and click the email link at the very bottom of the page to connect. Let us know a bit about yourself and your dog and we can go from there.

SpringLoaded Flyball – Region 2 (Niagara/Grimsby, Ontario)

Multiyear Regional Champions, NAFA Champions and CanAm Champions in both Regular & Multibreed Class, Multiple World Record Holders, Est. 2002

Team Spring Loaded Flyball Facebook page

Contact –

A super competitive club that loves to have fun!

The dogs on our club range in speed from under 3.4 seconds (to run 50 feet over four hurdles, catch the ball off the spring loaded box, and return over the jumps to the finish line!) to over 5.0 seconds. We strive for each dog to realize their full potential and celebrate each goal reached – be it a personal-best time, a NAFA points goal, a Regional, NAFA or CanAm Championship (the annual championship event held in Indianapolis, IN).

SPRINGLOADED is both an American and Canadian Club that loves to be competitive and have fun. We generally host two NAFA tournaments per year and we love to have fun themes, and have people and dogs dress up in costumes and have a blast! Past themes have included Celebrate Canada, Flower Power, and Superheroes!

Although we are not recruiting new members at this time (we are at a size where we quite often run six teams of dogs at a tournament!) our Team Captain, Kelly Price, can offer introductory lessons and/or connect you with other clubs in Region 2 who are looking for new members. Contact her at