Landsharks Flyball – Region 20 (Napanee, Ontario)

Jessie’s whippet, Prank, as a shark & Shark head

The Landsharks Flyball Club is focused on positive and encouraging training methods including foundation work, body conditioning and appropriate exercises for your dog. Our dogs are first and foremost our pets. Flyball is so great because dogs and people work together as a team. Our club is very inclusive and has some who face some health challenges. We work within everyone’s abilities. We have some junior handlers right up to an octogenarian!


We draw members from Hastings, Prince Edward and Lennox Counties. Weekly practices are held in Napanee, Ontario

Teamwork is an important part of being on our club – each member is important – both handlers and dogs. Handlers play an active roll in helping other members in all training stages, as well as racing and hosting tournaments. Every member is encouraged to set goals and achievements are celebrated at all levels!

Marg (78 years old) and Buddy, her BC
Phoenix the whippet

We host popular tournaments each year, so come on out and see what Flyball is all about. Looking to get started with us? Check out our website and contact us about joining in our weekly practices.