Redline Dogsports – Region 12 (Lethbridge, Alberta)

Redline team member. Look at that focus!

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Redline Dogsports is a small flyball club based in Lethbridge, Alberta. Our club members love to spend time together; taking part in many social activites together outside of the racing lanes. Flyball is unique among dog sports in that it is very much a team sport, and you often spend all weekend together at a tournament. Being friends make this even more enjoyable.

Dressed up for a 1950s themed tournament!

We believe every dog has an important place on the team. We have a fast, competitive team but we also work just as hard to get the non-traditional breeds (those other than border collies and whippets) running and enjoying flyball as well. Our team includes NAFA’s #4 All-time Beagle!

We are a positive based training team, and believe flyball should be fun for both dogs and their human handlers, above all else. We are seeking new club members – reach out to us through our Facebook page or email listed above. Come join the fun!