Mutter Chaos – Region 21 (Des Moines, IA)

Mutter Chaos Flyball Facebook page

Mutter Chaos Flyball Club has been Bringing The Chaos in Des Moines, Iowa (Region 21) since 2016. The philosophy of Mutter Chaos Flyball Club is to give our dogs an outlet for their abundance of energy, and have fun doing so. We strive for each handler and dog to perform at the best of their ability. We do not limit membership to those dogs who have the greatest potential – we’re open to all. Flyball can provide an outlet to dogs of any breed and skill level. The goal is to build a stronger relationship between handler and dog.

We have had a variety of pure breeds and rescue dogs run with our team, including Weimaraners, Australian Shepherds, Miniature Schnauzers, German Wirehair Pointers, German Shorthair Pointers, a Swedish Valhund, a Field Spaniel, Huskies, a Dutch Shepherd, Border Collies, and mixes. All are welcome!

Our club enjoys sharing our love of Flyball with the community. We have performed a number of Flyball demos in support of Puppy Up (Companions Against Cancer), the Great Iowa Pet Expo, and even on center ice (with carpets and mats) for the Iowa Wild Pucks N Paws Night in support of the Animal Rescue League.

Mutter Chaos humans and dogs enjoy a variety of activities together in addition to Flyball. In summer 2019, several of our dog/handler pairs earned a variety of Do More With Your Dog(R) trick titles. We also enjoy occasional backyard agility training, backyard flyball/dog romp sessions, and even doggie birthday parties. The humans also enjoy getting together for social activities such as corn mazes, game nights, ‘Friendsgiving’, and more.

Find us on Facebook @mutterchaosflyball or contact us at

Omaha Speed Racers Flyball – Region 21 (Omaha, NE & Atlantic, IA)

Omaha Speed Racers

Omaha Speed Racers Facebook page

Omaha Speed Racers are a club that focuses on fun with our dogs and friends – while being super competitive at the same time! We like to celebrate our dogs’ successes and we eat A LOT of cake! We have a great group of people who participate in multiple dog sports together. We plan fun trips to tournaments in other regions and create many hilarious memories along the way!

Everyone gets cake when we celebrate!
OSR at the Summer Sizzler Flyball Tournament July 27-28, 2019. Hosted by our friends, Skidmarkz Flyball.

Our club teaches classes and is happy to bring new people into this great dog sport! Taking classes helps build a great relationship with your dog. Many of our team members started with a dog that had challenges in everyday life, and flyball offered a great way to channel that energy into a positive activity that can be played together. We love to encourage each and every breed, type, or size of dog to participate in flyball!

Celebrating our win at CanAm! The biggest flyball tournament in the world.

Omaha Speed Racers are the 2018 Region 21 Multibreed and Regular Champions. We have never missed a CanAm, since it began, and have been part of the Invitational. Our team was recently invited to participate in the 2019 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge.

We have training classes available! Contact us at to get more details.