Getting to Know Your Candidates – Kayla Inman

Kayla Inman

Kayla has been a part of the flyball scene since 2018. She now has her 3rd flyball dog training to compete in the 2024 season. Kayla is passionate about flyball because it’s a great way to get dogs and people moving together. It’s also a great way to build teamwork and communication skills. She values the sport and knows the need to bringing in new people to keep flyball going. During some medical issues, flyball was the only thing she could do with her dogs and gave her a greater appreciation for the inclusive dog sport.

Kayla serves as an advocate for Amputees in Colorado in her professional career. She’s an avid runner, dog sport enthusiast, and enjoys hiking around Colorado. She has a senior pitbull-mix, a 4 year old Mini American Shepherd, and a 1 year old Mini American Shepherd.

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