Dixie Flyers Flyball – Region 14 (Birmingham, Alabama)

Dixie Flyers celebrating Hallowe’en!

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Contact Club owner, Jeanne Harem: jeanne_harem@hotmail.com

The Dixie Flyers club, based in Birmingham, AL, was organized in Jan 2011 by Jeanne Harem and 8 other founding members. Our mission remains the same – to be a club that is all-inclusive, allowing any family dog with a desire to play to enjoy the sport. Although there is indeed a healthy spirit of competition, no dog that loves the sport is turned away.

The tone for the Dixie Flyers was set at our founding: Love the sport, love your dog, love your team. That tone has attracted many members over the years, seen by the fact that members, born in every decade since the 1940’s, now hail from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana and Florida, with one vagabond RVer. Dixie Flyers are truly a family and we live by our motto, “Dixie Flyers Rock!” Whether it’s for a celebration, a time of loss, or a job to be done, Dixie Flyers come together.

We welcome new members interested in the loud and fast-paced sport of flyball. Introductory lessons are given by Jeanne in her training building outside Birmingham. Her success as a trainer is a result of her experience, her creativity, persistence, and the ability to see every dog as an individual. We transform family dogs into family athletes. Optimum dog health is fairly effectively maintained by avoiding Jeanne’s dreaded pronouncement, “Your dog is fat!”

Team members gather weekly for practice sessions. Here, green dogs, Iron Dogs (newbies and 10-year+ veterans), and all levels in between, along with their handlers, hone their skills and deepen their friendships. Commitment to practicing is reflected in competing consistently. Four of our Dixie Flyer dogs have achieved the 100,000-point Hobbes Award, with several more closing in on this title. The Dixie Flyers have also regularly been Regional Regular and Multibreed Champions.

Dixie Flyers travel out of state to support other clubs hosting tournaments and host five tournaments a year locally. We try to make these tournaments fun for our competitors by having a particular theme complete with decorations, a photo booth, and of course, great southern hospitality. Recently, we have opted to provide lunch for all competitors in lieu of awards, allowing all competitors time to enjoy each other outside of the lanes.

If this article has piqued your interest, contact the Dixie Flyers on our Facebook page (Dixie Flyers Flyball) or contact Jeanne directly at the links listed above.

Queen City Road Runners – Region 14 (Clarksville & Dickson, Tennessee)

Queen City Road Runners Facebook Page

Email: icflyball@hotmail.com www.flyballdogs.com/qcrr


The Queen City Road Runners is a not for profit flyball club formed in 2007 with a mission of providing a fun and safe environment for dog sport enthusiasts. The Road Runners have students/members from all over middle Tennessee.

Deborah and Eli Yoder, the club owners, first learned of the sport after working the animal rescue efforts following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. They adopted Katie, a 4-month old Labrador mix, who presented with many social/fear issues. Using her love for the tennis ball, they quickly learned the value of fun and discovered FLYBALL!!!!!

The founding team dogs include Blue FGDCH 50K an Australian Cattle Dog, aka Wile E. Coyote, Katie ONYX, Monty FGDCH, a whippet, and our two height dogs, Taz, FGDCH and Sophie, FGDCH. Our Iron Dogs include, Blue, Taz and Sophie. Brags include Can Am Classic Champions Regular Div VII 2016. The Queen City Road Runners focus on educating the public on the value of fun and play through dog sport; participating in fundraising events to promote rescue and responsible pet ownership in our community; and fostering the next generation of potential flyball dogs. The original Road Runners have retired, and we have several new dogs hitting the lanes.

Our mantra is “Every Dog is a Champion.” We offer 4 free classes to pups adopted from any shelter or rescue. All breeds, including, mixed breeds, are welcome to play flyball. (One of the main reasons, we love the sport!) We emphasize the human/dog relationship based on mutual trust and respect and more importantly, the power of play!

We practice and hold beginner classes weekly in our training facility. We are accepting new students and visitors are always welcome. Come check us out. BEEP BEEP!

We are located near Clarksville and Dickson, Tennessee

786 Indian Creek Rd,
Cumberland Furnace, TN

Contact: Eli @931-220-4907 or Deborah @931-216-5348

Photo credit: Ambient Exposure Photography