Getting to Know Your Candidates – Jayne McQuillen

Jayne McQuillen

My name is Jayne McQuillen and I have had the pleasure of serving the last 3 years on the NAFA Board of Directors.  The last two of which I have served as the Chairperson of the Board.  I am honored to have had the opportunity to serve the flyball community in those capacities, as well as having served 8 years as a Regional Director.  I have an excellent idea of the time, dedication, and willingness to compromise needed to be an effective BOD member.  

I worked for 18 years in Non-Profit Animal Rescue organizations, and this is what led me to the sport of flyball in the first place.  While I have participated in many other dog sports, flyball is the sport that continues to be my favorite.  I now head up Skidmarkz, a large flyball club.  While heading up a large group of people and dogs is its own challenge, I also haven’t forgotten what it’s like to have just a few teammates and work your tail off to grow your team.  I now try to share my knowledge by teaching performance foundation classes and a limited number of flyball seminars.   

My experience of leading volunteers in shared goals and workloads taught me to value contributions and ideas from people of varied backgrounds.  I look to put people with the right skills in roles where they can bring the biggest impact to the organization.  As a BOD member, I served on many committees my first year, particularly Rules and Communications.  As the Chairperson, I am now a member of all the committees.  Seeing the overall workings of NAFA, I now seek to put the right volunteers in the right place to benefit NAFA.  That includes bringing in new people to help achieve NAFA’s goals.  I also appreciate the feedback that the diverse BOD members and the flyball community bring forward to me.  I really respect the idea that we all can contribute and that NAFA needs to be open to new input.  I hope you will continue to allow me to serve the greater flyball community as a BOD member.  My goal is always to make playing flyball fun, positive and enjoyable for everyone. 

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