Region 18 – Alaska

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Region 17 – Hawaii

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Region 11 – Florida

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Dixie Flyers Flyball – Region 14 (Birmingham, Alabama)

Dixie Flyers celebrating Hallowe’en!

Dixie Flyers Flyball Facebook Page

Contact Club owner, Jeanne Harem:

The Dixie Flyers club, based in Birmingham, AL, was organized in Jan 2011 by Jeanne Harem and 8 other founding members. Our mission remains the same – to be a club that is all-inclusive, allowing any family dog with a desire to play to enjoy the sport. Although there is indeed a healthy spirit of competition, no dog that loves the sport is turned away.

The tone for the Dixie Flyers was set at our founding: Love the sport, love your dog, love your team. That tone has attracted many members over the years, seen by the fact that members, born in every decade since the 1940’s, now hail from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana and Florida, with one vagabond RVer. Dixie Flyers are truly a family and we live by our motto, “Dixie Flyers Rock!” Whether it’s for a celebration, a time of loss, or a job to be done, Dixie Flyers come together.

We welcome new members interested in the loud and fast-paced sport of flyball. Introductory lessons are given by Jeanne in her training building outside Birmingham. Her success as a trainer is a result of her experience, her creativity, persistence, and the ability to see every dog as an individual. We transform family dogs into family athletes. Optimum dog health is fairly effectively maintained by avoiding Jeanne’s dreaded pronouncement, “Your dog is fat!”

Team members gather weekly for practice sessions. Here, green dogs, Iron Dogs (newbies and 10-year+ veterans), and all levels in between, along with their handlers, hone their skills and deepen their friendships. Commitment to practicing is reflected in competing consistently. Four of our Dixie Flyer dogs have achieved the 100,000-point Hobbes Award, with several more closing in on this title. The Dixie Flyers have also regularly been Regional Regular and Multibreed Champions.

Dixie Flyers travel out of state to support other clubs hosting tournaments and host five tournaments a year locally. We try to make these tournaments fun for our competitors by having a particular theme complete with decorations, a photo booth, and of course, great southern hospitality. Recently, we have opted to provide lunch for all competitors in lieu of awards, allowing all competitors time to enjoy each other outside of the lanes.

If this article has piqued your interest, contact the Dixie Flyers on our Facebook page (Dixie Flyers Flyball) or contact Jeanne directly at the links listed above.

Ruffin’ Tuff Flyball – Region 7 (Sumner, Washington)

Ruffin’ Tuff Flyball Facebook Page


Ruffin’ Tuff Flyball is a small club in the Seattle area made up of people who absolutely love to play with their dogs. Our dogs are family members first and they love to play the game of flyball with us.  Our philosophies are based on two principles – fun and safety of the dogs and handlers, and we train and race with these two things always in mind.

Ruffin’ Tuff Flyball Club

We spend a lot of time together outside of the flyball lanes as friends and believe in the true meaning of the word ‘team’. Many of our members compete together in other sports with their dogs – disc dog, dock dogs, agility, and lure coursing.

We attend 8-10 flyball tournaments a year and train weekly in Sumner, WA.  We have dogs at all stages – some still in training, one about to retire. We love sharing this fun sport with folks who are looking for new training opportunities with their dogs, and occasionally offer classes and workshops to teach the basics of the sport and discuss how to continue training.  Find us on Facebook (link above) or email us at for more information.

Colorado Springs Flyball Group – Region 19 (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Colorado Springs Flyball Group Facebook Page

Contact: Julia Belmont

We are a small group that meet weekly to train our dogs in flyball. We are always looking for new people to join us in Colorado Springs. We are not associated directly with a Flyball club, as those of us organizing the group belong to different teams in the Denver area. Getting together enables us to practice in Colorado Springs, have fun together, and keep our dogs in the best shape for their next flyball tournament!

Aside from weekly flyball training, we also like to meet at dog-friendly establishments to celebrate from time to time. We also do some yard work together to keep our training area clear.

Our motto: Let’s keep it fun and train our dogs!

Come check us out! Contact Julia Belmont at

C.A.T. (Can-Do Agility Team) Flyball – Region 8 (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Cassie doing her thing…

CAT Flyball Facebook page

Contact: Susan Morrice at

Can-do Agility Team (“C.A.T.”) Flyball Club is made up of all types of dogs and handlers of all ages. We run for the fun of the game and the fitness of our dogs.

First tournament of the season in the books. Thank you NRG for hosting a fabulous tournament.

Posted by CAT Flyball on Sunday, May 5, 2019

Our club has been training flyballers for 40 years! We accept people of all ages and any type of dog. We are a group of friends with a common interest in training dogs to be good canine citizens as well as great flyball dogs!

Our motto is..all dogs are flyball dogs. All dogs, any size or breed can do the sport. We typically accept new members for training in October as there are typically less tournaments over the winter. This gives us an opportunity to devote more time to ‘green’ dogs. Learning flyball is a great way to bond with your dog and get out of the cold during those long winter months.

If you are interested in learning more about flyball please contact Susan Morrice at

Blazin’ K9s Flyball – Region 6 (Gilbert/Chandler, Arizona)

Blazin K9s Flyball Team Facebook Page

Contact email:

Blazin’ K9s is a small group of dog lovers who enjoy playing with our dogs and hanging out with each other socially. Our club is an extension of our family. We love spending time together outside of the flyball lanes, whether it is going out to dinner, or doing a team outing, such as “Paint your Pet” night! Many of us have multi sport dogs and like to compete in all these sports together whenever we can.

Flyball is a team sport and we are looking for committed people who also want to have fun! Our #1 priority is to have fun with our dogs first and still be competitive in the sport!!! In addition to local tournaments, we travel to several tournaments throughout the year, including events in California, Utah and Nevada. Our team also hosts 2 tournaments a year (November and February) in Arizona.

As a way of promoting this amazing dog sport and responsible dog ownership, we periodically put on flyball demonstrations in the community. We welcome all dogs – our team is made up of a mix of many breeds including rescues.

A near future goal of ours is to attend CanAm, the annual NAFA Championships tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana (the largest flyball tournament in the world!).

We train in the East Valley (Chandler/Gilbert), Arizona. Interested potential flyballers are welcome to come out and watch our regular team practice as well. Please contact Carol Osterhaus at for more information.

A.R.F.F. – Region 13 (Hudson, MA)

Contact: Barb Black at

Awesome Racing Flyball Fanatics Facebook page

Founded in 1997, A.R.F.F. (Awesome Racing Flyball Fanatics) is the longest running flyball club in New England. We are on our third generation of flyball dogs and are looking for a few enthusiastic new flyballers to become part of ARFF 3.0! Our members participate in other dog sports as well together (canine disc – freestyle and Updog games).

We keep competition in perspective. Our mission is to provide our precious dogs and their handlers fun, safe times – at all times. Teamwork is our highest goal and greatest challenge. We use the latest training methods, and constantly strive to improve our training technique.

Our club is happy to train anyone who really wants to learn the game and is willing to commit to weekly practices. Flyball is a sport with a lengthy learning period. If you are serious about putting in the time required to master this awesome team sport, you and your dog will be well rewarded! Contact our team captain at the email listed above, or through our Facebook page for more information.

Denver Speed Demons – Region 19 (Westminster, Colorado)

Denver Speed Demons Facebook page

Denver Speed Demons really focus’ on the fun aspect of Flyball. We all realize that this is just a fun game to play with your dog. However, don’t be fooled by this, just because we are laid back and like to have a good time doesn’t mean we don’t have the competitive spirit and can kick some major dog booty!!

Denver Speed Demons was founded with four purposes:

1) To promote the sport of flyball without discrimination based on breed, pedigree, age, athletic ability or competitive drive, while emphasizing teamwork and fun;

2) To promote responsible pet ownership and the strengthening of the human-canine bonds through education, demonstrations and organized events;

3) To promote and encourage members’ involvement with and the public’s support of animal welfare and animal rescue efforts by conducting demonstrations at fundraising events sponsored by national and local animal welfare and animal rescue organizations; and

4) To support animal welfare and animal rescue via volunteer work for national and local animal welfare and animal rescue organizations, including but not limited to providing financial support to animal welfare and animal rescue organizations.

Check our our website or Facebook page to get in contact with us.

Barkbarians – Region 4 (Mukwango, Wisconsin)

Candid shots are the best…Barkbarians at our training facility
Barkbarians…take two.

Contact our captain through Facebook

Barkbarians are all about having fun with our dogs. We’re in it for the bond we build with our dogs and that is more important that winning championships. We are probably proudest of our dogs that have won Iron Dog awards (award for running NAFA flyball for 10 consecutive years)!

Elwood & Tika

Our club practices at For Pet’s Sake in Mukwango, WI. We love to get together outside of flyball as well. We love to have parties with wood-fired pizza, some wine, and of course all of our dogs. We are all about fun! Run Fast! Bark loud!

We invite all dogs and their people to come out and join us in this sport we love! Contact Margaret Weis on Facebook or at


Portland Tail Blazers – Region 7 (Vancouver, Washington)

Sabia excels at many dog sports..but there is a special joy in her flyball racing. She is now the Pharaoh Hound with the highest points earned in NAFA, heading towards her FMX title.

Contact email:

Portland Tail Blazers Facebook page

It takes a team!! Portland Tail Blazers know that flyball is a true team sport. From beginner classes to tournament racing, all of us contribute to the success of the group. Commitment to the team is important and includes coming to practice and attending tournaments. The payoff is huge though. There’s no other dog sport like it. We’re there for each other and support each dog & handler’s success!

We are the ‘home flyball team’ for the Portland Trail Blazers, and do halftime demonstrations with our rival Muddy Paws A’Flyin’ of Salem, two or three times a year.
Flyball student, Chippy (aka Lambchop) is happy to be learning flyball on the slant board, and dreams of her future as a height dog.

We invite prospective flyball students to visit a beginning flyball class and our weekly team practice. We hold classes and practice on Sundays at Dog Days in Vancouver, WA.

Lemon has a zest for his advanced skills training. This Puli will soon be making his flyball debut!


• To have fun with our dogs ;

• To be a competitive team that participates in seven to ten tournaments per year;

• To train our dogs with positive, proven methods that enable them to achieve the fastest times in the safest manner;

• To promote the sport of flyball by taking part in local demonstrations and fun matches;

• To support our team and teammates in our flyball endeavors.

Portland Tail Blazers Team
If Quasar measured his flyball joy in points, he’d be excited to know he’s almost reached his Onyx title. But this little guy measures flyball joy from heat to heat, living in the flyball NOW!
Lovely Australian Shepherd, LOLA!, knows her job and loves it! Over all the jumps – check! Elegant box turn – check! Retrieve the ball – check! And hit that frisbee reward hard in the runback – check!

Carolina Overdrive – Region 9 (Darlington, South Carolina)

Carolina Overdrive

Contact email:

Carolina Overdrive Flyball Facebook page

Carolina Overdrive is a newly formed club located in Darlington, S.C., with members from Darlington, Florence, Sumter and the surrounding areas. We love to have fun, be as competitive as possible in our region, and we take great pride in our team. We strongly believe in the phrase “there is no I in team”. We celebrate, sweat and bleed together as a team, and we all work together for the betterment of each dog on the club.

It is very important to us that each dog and handler team’s abilities are recognized and honed. Carolina Overdrive has a variety of dogs including a couple of toy poodles!! The club is currently looking for motivated, committed people to join us for fun with their dogs and to help grow the club. We love sharing our sport with new handlers. Check us out on Facebook at Carolina Overdrive Flyball (link above) to learn more about us! Feel free to private message or email us to learn more about practice times and how you and your dog can get involved in this exciting sport!

Omaha Speed Racers Flyball – Region 21 (Omaha, NE & Atlantic, IA)

Omaha Speed Racers

Omaha Speed Racers Facebook page

Omaha Speed Racers are a club that focuses on fun with our dogs and friends – while being super competitive at the same time! We like to celebrate our dogs’ successes and we eat A LOT of cake! We have a great group of people who participate in multiple dog sports together. We plan fun trips to tournaments in other regions and create many hilarious memories along the way!

Everyone gets cake when we celebrate!
OSR at the Summer Sizzler Flyball Tournament July 27-28, 2019. Hosted by our friends, Skidmarkz Flyball.

Our club teaches classes and is happy to bring new people into this great dog sport! Taking classes helps build a great relationship with your dog. Many of our team members started with a dog that had challenges in everyday life, and flyball offered a great way to channel that energy into a positive activity that can be played together. We love to encourage each and every breed, type, or size of dog to participate in flyball!

Celebrating our win at CanAm! The biggest flyball tournament in the world.

Omaha Speed Racers are the 2018 Region 21 Multibreed and Regular Champions. We have never missed a CanAm, since it began, and have been part of the Invitational. Our team was recently invited to participate in the 2019 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge.

We have training classes available! Contact us at to get more details.

Redline Dogsports – Region 12 (Lethbridge, Alberta)

Redline team member. Look at that focus!

Redline Dogsports Facebook page
Contact email:

Redline Dogsports is a small flyball club based in Lethbridge, Alberta. Our club members love to spend time together; taking part in many social activites together outside of the racing lanes. Flyball is unique among dog sports in that it is very much a team sport, and you often spend all weekend together at a tournament. Being friends make this even more enjoyable.

Dressed up for a 1950s themed tournament!

We believe every dog has an important place on the team. We have a fast, competitive team but we also work just as hard to get the non-traditional breeds (those other than border collies and whippets) running and enjoying flyball as well. Our team includes NAFA’s #4 All-time Beagle!

We are a positive based training team, and believe flyball should be fun for both dogs and their human handlers, above all else. We are seeking new club members – reach out to us through our Facebook page or email listed above. Come join the fun!