Getting to Know the Candidates 2023: Emily Neal

Hello everyone! My name is Emily Neal and I’m running for the Board of Directors. I got started in flyball with my mix breed Blanche in 2011. You may remember me as “the one with the greyhound”, as I ran my greyhound Mordecai for several years as well. I have played all over the East Coast and Midwest and made invaluable friends who are now more like family. My husband Bryan Roper is also involved in flyball and you may know him as a judge. 

Personally, I have an undergraduate degree in legal studies and master’s degrees in urban planning and public administration. I have extensive work experience in non-profits and deep knowledge of non-profit leadership and administration. I’ve worked in communal services, animal rescue, and currently in historic preservation. 

I started playing flyball in Region 9, but Region 15 has been my home region since 2013. I feel fortunate that I am able to straddle 2 regions, as it allows me to get to know a wide variety of clubs and hear many different thoughts and feelings about flyball and its future. I teach flyball classes in Richmond, VA and am a passionate advocate for the sport — everyone who has ever met me now knows about flyball! My mix Blanche recently retired, and I am working hard to get my rescue beagle Tannis up and running. 

I look forward to serving the flyball community on the Board and am excited to answer your questions for you to get to know me better!