Barkbarians – Region 4 (Mukwango, Wisconsin)

Candid shots are the best…Barkbarians at our training facility
Barkbarians…take two.

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Barkbarians are all about having fun with our dogs. We’re in it for the bond we build with our dogs and that is more important that winning championships. We are probably proudest of our dogs that have won Iron Dog awards (award for running NAFA flyball for 10 consecutive years)!

Elwood & Tika

Our club practices at For Pet’s Sake in Mukwango, WI. We love to get together outside of flyball as well. We love to have parties with wood-fired pizza, some wine, and of course all of our dogs. We are all about fun! Run Fast! Bark loud!

We invite all dogs and their people to come out and join us in this sport we love! Contact Margaret Weis on Facebook or at