Diamonds in the Ruff Flyball – Region 8 (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

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Diamonds in the Ruff Flyball Club was founded in September 2001 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We are a fun, enthusiastic group of people who come together to play a game that we and our dogs love – flyball!!

Diamonds in the Ruff is dedicated to improving the life of man’s best friend, the dog. By participating in Flyball, offering training classes, promoting responsible pet ownership, and engaging in community activities (including rescue events), we demonstrate the true passion and dedication we hold for this sport and man’s best friend. Diamonds in the Ruff also promotes the sport of Flyball by setting an example of team spirit, cohesiveness, and fun at both practice and at tournaments for all participants. We believe that it takes an entire village to train a flyball dog.

We advocate using positive reinforcement (reward-based training) and setting the dog up for success to teach our dogs. We reinforce desired behaviours with verbal, food and play rewards. This ensures that learning the sport is fun for both dog and handler! We do not use any form of punishment.

Finn & Sophie flying…

Diamonds in the Ruff does not support any form of Breed Specific Legislation. Flyball is a dog sport that any dog and handler should be able to participate in. Breed Specific Legislation DOES NOT protect people from dog bites or dangerous dogs. Only responsible pet ownership and holding owners response for their dog’s actions will change the statistics.

We love to socialize after tournaments, either at a restaurant or campsite and our snack table at tournaments is so good. We love escape rooms!! Our members are really creative and crafty with lots of home made items on our fantastic raffle tables including home made quilts! We have have awesome “pit crews” that are so efficient and maximize our warm up time at tournaments. We also promote the participation of our junior handlers.

We are the fastest team in SK: 15.268. Our club had the 1st dog to earn an ONYX in Saskatoon. His name was Lugnut (a great dane/Chesapeake Bay retriever mix). We have the highest pointed #41 Australian Kelpie, #21 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, #11 Sheltland Sheepdog and #9 Whippet (retired). We also host the largest flyball tournament in the prairies!

Our team practices every Saturday in the Fall and Winter and on Tuesday nights during the Spring and Summer. Practices involve exercises which are geared specifically to the individual dog to aid in their training, as well as team specific training. Our training goals are geared towards excellence in techniques to enable dogs to succeed both safely and to the best of their abilities.

We run classes during the winter and are accepting new students and members at this time. Our current classes are: Relationship building and Sports Foundation (2 sessions) starting Oct 27, 2019 and Beginner Flyball starting Nov 26, 2019. Check our website and contact us for our latest classes.

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