Cascade Comets Dog Sports Club – Region 7 (Auburn, Washington)

Community is very important to us. We try to make the world a better place by example!

We are in it for the fun for the dogs, speed and winning is great but we enjoy having fun first and foremost. We are still building our club back up from recent years and enjoy running demonstrations at dog events throughout the summer!

We currently have 4 Iron Dogs on the team!


Matsqui Flyball and Agility Club – Region 7 (Abbotsford, British Columbia)

MFAC Facebook Page

Matsqui Flyball and Agility Club practices in Abbotsford, British Columbia. We hosted our first Flyball tournament in May 1991. We pride ourselves in creating an enjoyable team experience for dogs and handlers. As a result, our team has grown significantly in the past few years. We recruit and train throughout the year working with both rookie and experienced dogs and handlers. At MFAC our members range in age and we welcome Jr. Handlers to participate. Many of our members compete in other dog sports including dog agility, urban mushing, and nose work.

 Our club presents demos for the public throughout the year. We especially like festival events such as Canada Day as many of our dogs love showing off, getting cheers, and meeting their fans. As much as we love to have fun, we also get serious about competing. We travel to tournaments throughout Western Canada and the USA to let the fur fly. Several of our team dogs have achieved their Grand Champion status.

If you would like to learn more about Matsqui Flyball and Agility Club please visit or visit

Ruffin’ Tuff Flyball – Region 7 (Sumner, Washington)

Ruffin’ Tuff Flyball Facebook Page


Ruffin’ Tuff Flyball is a small club in the Seattle area made up of people who absolutely love to play with their dogs. Our dogs are family members first and they love to play the game of flyball with us.  Our philosophies are based on two principles – fun and safety of the dogs and handlers, and we train and race with these two things always in mind.

Ruffin’ Tuff Flyball Club

We spend a lot of time together outside of the flyball lanes as friends and believe in the true meaning of the word ‘team’. Many of our members compete together in other sports with their dogs – disc dog, dock dogs, agility, and lure coursing.

We attend 8-10 flyball tournaments a year and train weekly in Sumner, WA.  We have dogs at all stages – some still in training, one about to retire. We love sharing this fun sport with folks who are looking for new training opportunities with their dogs, and occasionally offer classes and workshops to teach the basics of the sport and discuss how to continue training.  Find us on Facebook (link above) or email us at for more information.

Portland Tail Blazers – Region 7 (Vancouver, Washington)

Sabia excels at many dog sports..but there is a special joy in her flyball racing. She is now the Pharaoh Hound with the highest points earned in NAFA, heading towards her FMX title.

Contact email:

Portland Tail Blazers Facebook page

It takes a team!! Portland Tail Blazers know that flyball is a true team sport. From beginner classes to tournament racing, all of us contribute to the success of the group. Commitment to the team is important and includes coming to practice and attending tournaments. The payoff is huge though. There’s no other dog sport like it. We’re there for each other and support each dog & handler’s success!

We are the ‘home flyball team’ for the Portland Trail Blazers, and do halftime demonstrations with our rival Muddy Paws A’Flyin’ of Salem, two or three times a year.
Flyball student, Chippy (aka Lambchop) is happy to be learning flyball on the slant board, and dreams of her future as a height dog.

We invite prospective flyball students to visit a beginning flyball class and our weekly team practice. We hold classes and practice on Sundays at Dog Days in Vancouver, WA.

Lemon has a zest for his advanced skills training. This Puli will soon be making his flyball debut!


• To have fun with our dogs ;

• To be a competitive team that participates in seven to ten tournaments per year;

• To train our dogs with positive, proven methods that enable them to achieve the fastest times in the safest manner;

• To promote the sport of flyball by taking part in local demonstrations and fun matches;

• To support our team and teammates in our flyball endeavors.

Portland Tail Blazers Team
If Quasar measured his flyball joy in points, he’d be excited to know he’s almost reached his Onyx title. But this little guy measures flyball joy from heat to heat, living in the flyball NOW!
Lovely Australian Shepherd, LOLA!, knows her job and loves it! Over all the jumps – check! Elegant box turn – check! Retrieve the ball – check! And hit that frisbee reward hard in the runback – check!

Seattle FlyDogs – Region 7 (Woodinville, Washington & Bend, Oregon)

Seattle FlyDog in Action!

Being a Seattle FlyDog is something very special in region 7. This 10-year-old flyball club was created for inclusivity! We believe all dogs, all breeds, all speeds should get to play in sports. We support that flyball athletes come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities. (humans too!)

Come take lessons with our community flyball club and Be a FLYDOG! 


Our lessons are taught as drop-in style with many different levels learning at the same time. As you and your dog grow in skill, you achieve different levels: MightyDog, HotDog, then SuperDog. As a SuperDog you are invited to learn how to pass nose to nose on the course with our FlyDogs and ultimately are guided to graduate as a FlyDog.

We grow every year adding handlers and dogs to our community roster and celebrate that growth and individual’s accomplishments with a summer party. We foster an environment of friendship, acceptance and learning.

Lucy, age 9.5, with the Seattle FlyDogs, runs during the halftime show presented by Kaiser Permanente. (Neil Enns/Storm Photos)

Outside of lessons and practice, the fun continues! We are a fan-celebrated flyball-performance team for the Seattle Storm basketball games, Museum of Flight, and many different city festivals. We compete in 4 tournaments a year from Oregon, to Washington, to Vancouver BC and many of our members become friends outside of the club.

We recently expanded with a sister club in Bend, OR where we will continue the mission of teaching all breeds, all speeds how to play this fun sport and building new friendships.

It is important to us that each FlyDog feels like they belong. We support all the clubs in Region 7 and refer FlyDog graduates to clubs that provide more opportunity to compete when that is the individual’s goal. Our secret to success is following our 10-year-old mission statement. Every communication, every decision, and every approach is held to this mission. It is our guiding light and keeps us grounded in purpose. 

The Seattle FlyDogs is a local community club open to membership application by individuals, created with the intent to enrich the lives of dogs and their handlers by offering participation and training in canine athletic sports. Its purpose is for creating public awareness of dog sports, providing weekly drop-in training for all breeds and speeds, and for building camaraderie among its members and students with organized participation in skillful, athletic canine activities.

Seattle FlyDogs Mission Statement

Seattle FlyDogs teach lessons on Sunday nights September to May in Woodinville, WA. Visit our website for more information and reach out if you have any questions.

For info about lessons in Bend, OR please go to