Getting to Know the Candidates 2023: Paula Johnson

I am excited to introduce myself as a nominee for the NAFA Board of Directors director position for 2023. For those who don’t know me I am part of team Zoom! in Region 2 and a NAFA judge.

I have been involved in dogs and dog sports from a very young age, starting with dobermans and rough and smooth collies. I currently share my life with 5 dogs including a whippet, saluki, 2 miniature bull terriers and an adorable 10lb pound puppy and of course my wife Kim (captain of team Zoom!).

I have trained and competed in many different sports from obedience, rally and agility to tracking and nose work, but Flyball came into my life just over 12 years ago. It has been a blessing to find such an amazing community in dog sports.

I am recently retired from a career in public relations and marketing as the Associate Registrar, Student Recruitment at my local university, McMaster. I believe that the skills I bring to the table include leadership, change management, marketing and project development. Having served on many committees as well as being Chair of our provincial body, I am familiar with working with and leading teams of people. I have also been the President of my local dog training club for 2 full terms.

I believe strongly in giving back to a sport that has given me so much. That is the reason I decided to become a judge and why I am running for the Board. I recognize that NAFA doesn’t run on its own and takes a great deal of effort from some very dedicated volunteers. I think I bring the perspective of clubs that maybe do not aspire to be the best or the fastest, but that want to have fun with their dogs and their teammates. At the same time, I think the job of any member of the board is to represent all clubs and to learn to listen and understand their needs and balance sometimes competing ideas.

As we all come out of this pandemic (fingers crossed), we are in need of growth and rebuilding of our sport. I personally think it is an exciting time with lots of opportunities to be innovative and continue the good work that is already underway by NAFA. We can always do better.

I hope I get a chance to answer your questions and to represent you on the board.