Carolina Overdrive – Region 9 (Darlington, South Carolina)

Carolina Overdrive

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Carolina Overdrive Flyball Facebook page

Carolina Overdrive is a newly formed club located in Darlington, S.C., with members from Darlington, Florence, Sumter and the surrounding areas. We love to have fun, be as competitive as possible in our region, and we take great pride in our team. We strongly believe in the phrase “there is no I in team”. We celebrate, sweat and bleed together as a team, and we all work together for the betterment of each dog on the club.

It is very important to us that each dog and handler team’s abilities are recognized and honed. Carolina Overdrive has a variety of dogs including a couple of toy poodles!! The club is currently looking for motivated, committed people to join us for fun with their dogs and to help grow the club. We love sharing our sport with new handlers. Check us out on Facebook at Carolina Overdrive Flyball (link above) to learn more about us! Feel free to private message or email us to learn more about practice times and how you and your dog can get involved in this exciting sport!