On The Fly Flyball – Region 2 (Bowmanville, Ontario)


For info on flyball lessons:

On The Fly was established in 2007 by Morgan Jarvis, owner of K9 Central Inc.. Morgan has been involved in flyball since 1987, and has travelled the world teaching and organizing flyball competitions. This included a trip to Japan in 2005, by invitation to organize a flyball tournament and present flyball seminars.

Many of the team members on On The Fly were former flyball students at the facility in Bowmanville. These team members now help to teach the flyball classes. Not only is On The Fly is one of Ontario’s fastest flyball teams, many of the dogs on the team have been trained and titled to their ONYX and Grand Champion Awards.

On The Fly uses only positive motivational training. We are a team that values family, friends and a sense of community. Flyball is great dog sport for active, high energy dogs. It’s a great way to get that extra energy out and work as a partner with your dog in a team environment. Check out this link for details about lessons and further contact information:

Morgan and Tactix