Portland Tail Blazers – Region 7 (Vancouver, Washington)

Sabia excels at many dog sports..but there is a special joy in her flyball racing. She is now the Pharaoh Hound with the highest points earned in NAFA, heading towards her FMX title.

Contact email: ptbflyball@gmail.com https://www.portlandtailblazersflyball.club/

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It takes a team!! Portland Tail Blazers know that flyball is a true team sport. From beginner classes to tournament racing, all of us contribute to the success of the group. Commitment to the team is important and includes coming to practice and attending tournaments. The payoff is huge though. There’s no other dog sport like it. We’re there for each other and support each dog & handler’s success!

We are the ‘home flyball team’ for the Portland Trail Blazers, and do halftime demonstrations with our rival Muddy Paws A’Flyin’ of Salem, two or three times a year.
Flyball student, Chippy (aka Lambchop) is happy to be learning flyball on the slant board, and dreams of her future as a height dog.

We invite prospective flyball students to visit a beginning flyball class and our weekly team practice. We hold classes and practice on Sundays at Dog Days in Vancouver, WA.

Lemon has a zest for his advanced skills training. This Puli will soon be making his flyball debut!


• To have fun with our dogs ;

• To be a competitive team that participates in seven to ten tournaments per year;

• To train our dogs with positive, proven methods that enable them to achieve the fastest times in the safest manner;

• To promote the sport of flyball by taking part in local demonstrations and fun matches;

• To support our team and teammates in our flyball endeavors.

Portland Tail Blazers Team
If Quasar measured his flyball joy in points, he’d be excited to know he’s almost reached his Onyx title. But this little guy measures flyball joy from heat to heat, living in the flyball NOW!
Lovely Australian Shepherd, LOLA!, knows her job and loves it! Over all the jumps – check! Elegant box turn – check! Retrieve the ball – check! And hit that frisbee reward hard in the runback – check!