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Scoring Tournaments

Scoring tournaments can save your club money and get results to your competitors much sooner.

Scoring Online with NAFAScore

NAFAScore is an online scoring application with offline capability. All that is required is a modern browser. NAFAScore along with full instructions and requirements are available here:

Testing the Data and Submitting Scoring to NAFA

Once the event is scored, you should test the data. NAFAScore produces two types of files. Where xxxxxxxx (8 digits) represents the event number:

xxxxxxxx.txt or xxxxxxxx (extension hidden) - this is the scoring file (one for each tournament scored) that you test and send to NAFA.

xxxxxxxxDATA.nsc - this type of file is the backup data file for your NAFAScore scoring data. This is not the file that you test or send to NAFA.

Once tested, all scoring results should be sent to NAFA via with the subject "Tournament Results".

Contact Info for NAFAScore

Questions or concerns about NAFAScore should be directed to:

Old Scoring Program - FBScore

FBScore is no longer supported by NAFA but is still available to use. Links to download the software and an online manual can be found here.

Note: Older systems may require an update from Microsoft to load the .NET framework.

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