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June 26, 2008

NAFA Update – June, 2008

Jump Height Proposal ballots

All Club owners should now have their ballots on the jump height proposal. Voting will close on July 15th. If voted electronically, they can be voted until midnight CDT on July 15th. If mailed in, they must arrive on or before July 15th. As always, we strongly encourage electronic voting to ease the counting process and provide assurance to you that your vote was received and counted. Any questions about the voting website or missing ballots can be emailed to

Hall of Fame and MVP Nominations

On a slightly different note, nominations are now open for the Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame and the NAFA Regional MVP awards. Again, for ease of processing, we'd prefer you entered your nominations online – for Hall of Fame nominations and for Regional MVP nominations. The NAFA rulebook ( has the requirements for a dog to be eligible for each of these awards. Please be sure you're nominating the dog for the correct award. It seems each year we have a few dogs that are nominated for the wrong award which can result in them not appearing on the ballot at all. Nominations close on July 31st for both awards. Ballots for both awards will be included with the fall Board of Directors election prior to the Annual General Meeting in Montreal on November 29th, 2008.

Board of Directors Nominations

Even though it seems summer has just started, nominations are also open for the NAFA Board of Directors election this fall. Nominations can be sent to – preferably in Word or similar format and addressed to the nominating committee. These nominations also close on July 31st.

Future of Open and Performance Classes

Finally, when the NAFA Board of Directors meets in the beginning of August, it will consider the future of the Open class and Performance, which are in trial status for this year. We plan to host a chat or two on this issue in July, but sometimes its easier to express your views in an email. We have created two special email address to receive comments on these trials. Please email comments about the Open class to and comments on the Performance classification to If you want to combine comments in one note, that's fine too – mail to either address. Please do not assume that the Board of Directors understands how you feel about these trial offerings. Your input is valuable, whether it be as simple as keeping or getting rid of these offerings, or changes you think are needed to make these offerings more effective moving forward. The Board would love to hear your experiences during the trial period as well as any issues you've encountered. All comments received at these two addresses will be provided to all Board members for the August 2nd Board of Directors meeting.

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