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December 9, 2006

Press Release from NAFA® Board of Directors Meeting - 12/8/2006

  • Height Card Challenge System was introduced by Executive Director Sam Ford and approved by the board with pending rulebook verbiage. Proposal included the following;
    • To be effective March 31, 2007 if not sooner pending rule structure
    • A card can be challenged once every three years
    • $100USD challenge fee
    • Judges and team owners can issue a limited number of challenges
    • Videotaped review of stand by appointed committee of 3 judges
    • Failure to pass review causes loss of height card

  • Veterans dog age dropped from 8 to 7 years of age to bring NAFA standard in line with other dog sport organizations. This change will go into effect on January 1, 2007.

  • Sunset provision removed from Veterans class

  • Survey to be issued with False Start ballot in early 2007 requesting input from delegates on desire for pick up teams aka Travelling Teams

  • Judges promotions
    • John Fairbairn - Apprentice to Provisional
    • Elizabeth Theesfeld - Apprentice to provisional
    • Kimberly Kendall - Apprentice to Provisional
    • Arend teRaa - Provisional to Approved
    • Rob Bitler - Provisional to approved

  • Videos for NAFA web site include
    • Setup of the Signature Gear Electronic Judging system - January 1, 2007
    • Judges Training - Measuring - targeted for March 31, 2007

  • Special provisions were made to confirm judge's discretion in allowing reasonable accommodations for dogs or handlers with disabilities

  • The design for the 2007 Junior Handler Pin was approved and directed to be sent into production

Addendum - December 10, 2007

Following the AGM, the outgoing board met to elect the board executives for the upcoming year. At the Dec 9th reconvened AGM, the following positions were elected for the upcoming year:

Lee Heighton - Chairman
Kris Pickering - Vice Chairman
Glenn Hamilton - Secretary
Scott Stein - Treasurer

2006 Election Results Available here

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