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The NAFA home page regularly changes the featured cover dog to showcase the many faces of flyball. Thank you to all the photographers for letting us use your great photos.

If you have a photo you would like to submit for consideration, please send it to the NAFA Webmaster. Include a brief bio of the dog, and who the photo should be credited to (please make sure you have permission from the photographer to use the photo).

December, 2007
Buddy is a 12 year old Jack Russell Terrier who has been playing flyball for 11 of those years. As well as being a Flyball Grand Champion approaching 60K points, he is also the “spokesdog” for a federal credit union in the Santa Barbara area appearing in over 12 television commercials and making several personal appearances as well as appearing in print and billboard ads. Lovingly trained, handled and cared for by Loren Shepard. Photo by Dave Mills.
September, 2007
Dealer is a 3 year old BorderStaffy that runs with The Gamblers Flyball Team out of Wilsonville, Al. He is a great family dog as well as a great flyball dog. Owned and much loved by Cindy and Paul Ferlitto, Region 14.
August, 2007
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter is a 6-year-old beagle owned and loved by Alyssa Bumgarner in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has her FDCh and is inches away from getting her FDCh Silver. PB is the only beagle in NC that plays flyball and is the #20 beagle in NAFA. This cheerful little beagle took 2 years to train but with a lot of patience, treats, and praise she has come a long way. She is always a crowd pleaser at tournaments and everyone standing around the ring loves to watch her and cheer her on.
July, 2007
Darby is a 7-year-old Irish Setter who runs with F.A.M.E. in Moncton, New Brunswick (region 10). Darby is full of energy and her handler, Pat Edmonds, wonders if she will ever slow down. She averages 4.7 seconds and she is the most consistent start dog in her club. Darby earned her ONYX in September 2006 and is currently number 2 on the NAFA list for her breed. Go Darby, Go Go Go!
June, 2007
Cody is a 7-year-old Golden Retriever who runs on INXS in San Diego, CA (Region 16). Cody earned her ONYX in 2006, where it is said her handler, the late Bill Geen, was "preening like a proud Papa". She is currently the #14 Golden Retriever in NAFA, and her fastest time is a 4.0. In addition to flyball, Cody competes in dock diving and is a Therapy Dog. Cody is owned and loved by Jonnie Geen.
Photo by Bill Geen
May, 2007
Halley is a 5 1/2 year-old Shar Pei who runs on Two-Lane Highway in Maryland (Region 9). Halley is the #1 Chinese Shar Pei in NAFA, and became the first Shar Pei to earn a Flyball Master title on March 10. Her fastest time to date is a 5.401 and she runs anchor on Two-Lane Highway's multi-breed team. She took 3 years to train and has been competing for about a year and a half (look at that box turn!). Halley is owned and loved by Rachel Lindberg.
Photo by Sam Bennett
April, 2007
Roxanne is an 11-year-old border collie who runs on Rock-n-Rovers in Region 16. She's been playing flyball for 10 years and is currently at 92,473 points. Along with her love for flyball, Roxanne also enjoys agility, disc, and dock diving. In her spare time, she is a therapy dog, visiting adult and children's hospitals, rehab/nursing homes, libraries, and schools, and is an excellent ambassador for therapy and sport dogs everywhere. Roxanne is owned and loved by Jane Horsfield.
Photo by Steve Forbes
March, 2007
Skorch is a Mini Aussie x Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross who runs on DOG-ON-IT in Region 2. She is seen here at Some Ruff Competition's February 2007 tournament, where she received her ONYX plaque. According to her teammates, Skorch is very sweet natured and comical, and will happily run for anybody. Her jump height is 10" and she generally runs in start position. Skorch will turn 3 next month, and her best time to date is 4.07. She is owned and loved by Elva and Gord Bradley.
Photo by Len Silvester
February, 2007
Dot, Gunner, Indy and Toby
The four dogs on the cover this month were honored with a nomination to the Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame in 2006, along with Jagger (January's cover dog, who was voted in as the 2006 inductee). Congratulations to every one of these great competitors!


January, 2007
In December, 2006, the NAFA delegation voted in Jennifer Rohling's English Shepherd Jagger as the newest member of the Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame. Jagger's is an amazing story – since 1996 she has run on 4 Multi-breed Regional Champion teams, and she is the #1 English Shepherd in flyball with 85,233 points (currently ranked #15 on the NAFA Top Pointed Dog list). But that's not all – in 2004, Jagger was diagnosed with cancer and had to have one of her rear legs removed at the hip. After she recovered she made it clear that she wanted to play flyball again. She went on to earn over 20,000 more points by her retirement in June, 2006.
Photo by Len Silvester

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Header photo by Diane Lewis