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Each year, NAFA may induct two (2) dogs into the Hall of Fame. NAFA members are asked to nominate candidates that they consider deserving of this award, using the following criteria:

  • Longevity: A dog must have raced in NAFA sanctioned events for a minimum of four years
  • Notoriety: How well known is this dog? Nominees should be easily recognizable within their own racing area
  • Team value: What is the worth of this dog to its team, i.e. untiring start dog, height dog, most consistent dog, fast anchor dog.
  • Nominees for the Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame must not have earned NAFA points within 18 months of the close of the nominating period.

Although other titles and achievements may be included in the nomination, each dog will be judged on the above Flyball criteria only. Each nominee may only be nominated by one person in each election.

Delegates should submit nominations to NAFA no earlier than August 1st and no later than September 30th. Each year all candidates will be judged by NAFA's Board of Directors in order of merit. A list of no more than five finalists will be selected and put to a delegate vote. In order to be inducted into the Hall of Fame a dog must have 35% or more of the vote returned.

To nominate a dog for the Hall of Fame:

Complete NAFA's online nomination form

Nominations are open from August 1st to September 30th!

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