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2008 Election Results and Champions

700 total ballots returned (43.32%)

Nancy Garcia58783.86
Kris Pickering62188.71
Greg Stopay54277.43

Bizzz-Quick - Border Collie29041.43
Ripper - Jack/Parson Russell Terrier28540.71
Roxanne - Border Collie10715.29
Snap - Mix15321.86
Warden - Dutch Shepherd28140.14

Rukus - Mini Australian/N American Shepherd [2]6177.22
Emma Jo - Labrador Retriever [4]2762.79
Sydney - Australian Shepherd [4]1432.56
Tri-Hard Top Gun - Mix [5]2896.55
Jenna - Mix [6]2281.48
Penny - Entlebucher Mountain Dog [6]518.52
Bea - Border Collie [7]3065.22
Phoebe - Jack/Parson Russell Terrier [7]817.39
Del - Miniature Pinscher [8]2676.47
Janie (Rescue) - Black Mouth Cur [9]2488.89
Darby - Irish Setter [10]1740.48
sweep - Border Collie [10]819.05
TKO - Boston Terrier [10]1740.48
Beany - Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) [11]311.11
Loki - Belgian Malinois [11]933.33
Shadow 'lazer brain' Wilkes - Border Collie [11]1555.56
Highwater Bennington - Jack/Parson Russell Terrier [13]918.75
Jetta - Border Collie [13]2552.08
Molson - Boston Terrier [13]714.58
Vegas - Belgian Malinois [13]714.58
Beauwood's Bright Arrow - Australian Shepherd [15]1220.69
Sage - Border Collie [15]1932.76
Sonic - Mix [15]2441.38
Cody - Golden Retriever [16]46100.00
Timber - Mix [18]5100.00
Digit - Border Collie [19]2247.83
Dottie - Border Collie [19]817.39
Maxx - Jack/Parson Russell Terrier [19]1634.78
Blur - Border Collie [20]719.44
Jake - Border Collie [20]513.89
No Clownin' Around - Mix [20]1747.22
Striker - Whippet [20]719.44

1MI OH 10736.45
2ON 12264.75
3MN ND SD 7521.33
4IL IN KY WI 9047.78
5AR LA OK TX 9630.21
6AZ NV UT 3577.14
7BC OR WA 9846.94
8MB SK 9336.56
9NC SC VA WV 7038.57
10NB NS PE 6168.85
11FL 6144.26
12AB ID MT 100 8.00
13CT MA ME NH NY RI VT 10147.52
14AL GA MS TN 8120.99
15DE MD NJ PA 9759.79
16CA 12038.33
18AK 5100.00
19CO NM WY 5386.79
20ON QC 4776.60
21IA KS MO NE 10425.96

2008 NAFA Champions  
Region States/Provinces Champion 1st Runner Up 2nd Runner Up  
Regional Champions - Regular  
1 MI OH Slammers Front Runners Spring Loaded  
2 ON Rocket Relay Unleashed Border Patrol  
3 MN ND SD Animal Inn Balls Out HighVelocity  
4 IL IN KY WI Bordering on Insanity-Midwest Synergy Milwaukee Dogs  
5 AR LA OK TX Top Dog Racers Texas Heat Lone Star Ruffnecks  
6 AZ NV UT Heat Wave Flying Colors Sedona Red Rockets  
7 BC OR WA The Flying Squad Dogwood Pacesetters Total Anarchy  
8 MB SK Holeshot Racers Prairie P.D.Q Dogsports Fylball N~R~G  
9 NC SC VA WV Blockade Runners Carpe Pilam DogGoneFast  
10 NB NS PE Fast 'n FURious Lietash PUSH The Limits F.A.M.E  
11 FL Ketch This Sundogs Florida Air Xpress  
12 AB ID MT Redline Dogsports Northern Power Paws Synergetic Surge  
13 CT MA ME NH NY RI VT Ruff Enuff New England Trail Blazers Boston Stragglers Flyball Club  
14 AL GA MS TN Fetchin' Frenzi Music City Road Dogs The Gamblers  
15 DE MD NJ PA Fur Fun Flyball Dogs Anonymous No Speed Limit  
16 CA Bark in the Park Turn N' Spit INXS  
18 AK N/A      
19 CO NM WY D.E.O. Speedwaggin' LAUNCH Denver Speed Demons  
20 ON QC DogZworth Paws on Fire Burnin' Rubber  
21 IA KS MO NE Jammn' K9's Omaha Speedracers Hawkeye Hustlers  
Regional Champions - Multibreed  
1 MI OH Spring Loaded Slammers Wooferines  
2 ON Rocket Relay Ballderdashers DOG-ON-IT  
3 MN ND SD High Velocity SuperNova Nose to Nose  
4 IL IN KY WI Synergy All Ruffed Up Milwaukee Dogs  
5 AR LA OK TX N/A      
6 AZ NV UT Flying Colors N/A N/A  
7 BC OR WA N/A      
8 MB SK N/A      
9 NC SC VA WV DogGoneFast Carpe Pilam Beltway Bandits  
10 NB NS PE N/A      
11 FL Ketch This Sundogs W.O.F.F. "Watch Our Fur Fly"  
12 AB ID MT N/A      
13 CT MA ME NH NY RI VT Ruff Enuff Jump Masters Granite State Racers  
14 AL GA MS TN Music City Road Dogs Birmingham Bandits Chattanooga Chomp  
15 DE MD NJ PA Fur Fun Flyball Dogs Anonymous Release The Hounds  
16 CA Bark in the Park Turn N' Spit INXS  
18 AK N/A      
19 CO NM WY D.E.O. Speedwaggin' N/A N/A  
20 ON QC Paws on Fire Hot Diggity Dogs N/A  
21 IA KS MO NE Omaha Speedracers Skidmarkz Hawkeye Hustlers  
NAFA Champion - Regular  
    Rocket Relay      
NAFA Champion - Multibreed  
    Spring Loaded      

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