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August 15, 2006

Board of Director and Hall of Fame/MVP Nominees

At the recent NAFA Board of Directors meeting in Detroit, the Nomination and Election committees announced the candidates for the upcoming Board of Directors elections. Each candidate was found to meet the applicable requirements by the Nominations Committee and their nomination was received in a timely manner. The candidates for the three open positions will be:

Zachary Chernik
Glenn Hamilton
Lee Heighton
Dana Nichols
Lisa Pignetti Peckham

In addition, the Board is required to narrow the Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame nominees to a field of five or less candidates. Although it was a tough decision, the Board has selected the following five dogs as this year's candidates from the many nominations received:

Dot - Terrie O'Connor
Gunner - Shannon Seeger
Indy - Pam Koons
Jagger - Jennifer Rohling
Toby - Kim O'Neill

Congratulations to all of the 2006 Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame nominees as well as the many excellent dogs nominated for their respective region's MVP awards.

We expect to mail ballots to delegates by October 1st with results being announced at the NAFA Annual General Meeting tentatively planned for early December. Full write-ups for each of the candidates - human and canine - well be presented on the NAFA website concurrent with the mailing of the delegate ballots. In addition, several chats will be hosted by NAFA to allow delegates (and others) to get to know the candidates and understand their visions for the future of NAFA.

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Header photo by Mark Fletcher