Recently Issued CRNs (last 3 months) by Club

CRN Dog Name Breed Owner
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Adrenaline Drive
230735 Whiskey Australian Shepherd Sue Jacquard
230731 Can't Belgian Tervuren Michelle Ooms
Alamo Racing Canines
230692 Whimzy Mix Aimee Neugebauer
240001 Tinsley Mix Steve Corona
All Revd Up
230674 Taco Mix Gina Class
240012 Brisk Border Collie Suzanne Rider
Animal House
230605 Murdock Mix Shawna Stouder
Animal Inn
230719 ROOSTER Mix Laurie Wahl
230721 Chip Mix Katie Forseth
Apupalyptic Flyball
230717 Annie Mix Sunny Maxwell
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Ball Haulers
230698 Boone German Shorthaired Pointer Heidi Giordano
BC Boomerangs
230628 TAG Border Collie Janis & Phyllis Martin
230629 Jordy Shetland Sheepdog Christina Tresch
Big Orange Blast
230611 Jet Border Collie John Merz
Blue Past You
230637 Kraken Whippet Izzy May
230658 Bug Mix Laura Slusher
230700 BZRK Boston Terrier Samantha Youngblood
230745 Babblez Whippet Izzy May
Boise FlyDogs
230742 Cricket Mix Karin Donnelly
230708 Bowie Australian Shepherd Joseph Kohler
Breakthrough Flyball
230582 Pizza Mix Doreen Reese
Brickyard Barkers
230707 Hero Vizsla Krista Schroeder
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C.O.K.C. High Flyers
230615 Limit Mix Jackie Sage
230729 Relay Whippet Meghan Wikander
Canines in Action
230630 Daisy Jack/Russell Terrier Aubrey Morgan
230631 Piper Mix Kathleen Harward
Cascade Comets
230585 Blue Miniature American/Australian Sheph Loretta Heim
230586 Jake Siberian Husky April Yates
230657 Pepper Border Collie Stephen Cavanaugh
Celtic Mayhem
230654 Guppy Whippet Debbie Hedrick
230685 Mighty Mix Babz Mahony
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Diamonds in the Ruff
230625 Riggs Labrador Retriever Brittany Hoffman
230651 Lucy Border Collie Brittany Hopkins
Diggin Balls
230659 Jelly Border Collie Amie Youngdahl
230672 Koume Kooikerhondje Brooke Ludtke
230713 Reptar Mix David Washburn
Disorderly Conduct
230627 Renegade Mix Delaine Leary
Dog Gone Devils
230680 Obsidian Standard Poodle Chelsea Madson
230639 Radar Border Collie Lynn Sykes
230663 Vinnie Mix Amanda Brown
230669 Sprout Australian Cattle Dog Nelly Benabou
Double Impact
230644 Boomerang! Mix Sheena Vandenbergh
Dynamo DARTs
230675 Cricket Miniature American/Australian Sheph Paige Rutherford
230696 Punky Border Collie Krista Hebert
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Elusive Flyball
230593 Hoss Mix Connor Cook
230730 Zorro Mix Robin Barrett
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Fayetteville Freedom Flyers
230716 Orion Pomeranian Meghan Castillo
Fetch It
230622 Remix Border Collie Emma Miller
230632 Monster Mix Jessica Love
230633 Nela Border Collie Jessica Love
230634 Army Mix Jessica Love
Fighting for Freedom Flyball (
230584 Emma Border Collie Allen Kwong
First In Flight
230671 Joey American Cocker Spaniel Robin Setzer
Flyball Dogs Anonymous
230714 Maggie Border Collie Beth Minnich
Flyball N~R~G
230600 Autumn Mix Darlene Taylor
230604 Jura Shetland Sheepdog Samantha Grafton
230609 Gonzo Mix Daphne Tryhuk
Frenzyed Flyers
230660 Poppy Australian Cattle Dog Kristin Detwiler
Full Tilt Flyball
230642 Angus Australian Cattle Dog Kim Dickie
Fur Fun
230652 Bobbie Danish-Swedish Farmdog Deb Norman
230728 Tart Border Collie Leerie & Julie Jenkins
240005 Mose Mix Phil Getty
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Glacier Shakers
230648 Venom Mix Jessica Koch
Good2Go Flyball
230738 Dammit Mix Nicole Vaughn
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Happily Evfur After
230587 Memphis Border Collie Christina Dessin
Happy Hurdlers
230695 Rett Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Dan Rode
230715 Taz Rat Terrier Bess Greenblat
Hatcher Passers
230608 Buffy Mix Evan Maher
Hawkeye Hustlers
230673 Ember Miniature American/Australian Sheph Autumn Ritchie
Heads or Tails
240003 Snap Miniature American/Australian Sheph CJ Fithian
High Velocity
230678 Hoopla Mix Traci Hennen
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K9 Kickstart
230616 Boot Scoot Mix Benjamin Sykes
K9-Unit Flyball Team
230699 Phoebe Border Collie Shelly Riesebos
230701 Zenny Mix Leeah Cameron
Kaotic K9's
230710 Monty Border Collie Naomi enns
230711 Olive Border Collie Naomi enns
230746 Callie Border Collie Rose McLeod
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Lone Star Ruffnecks
230619 Darcy Mix Mimi Calub
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Makin' Trax
240009 Bitsy Miniature American/Australian Sheph Justin Ernst
Manic Menagerie
240006 Pare Miniature American/Australian Sheph Sarah Pacacha
240007 Arwen German Shorthaired Pointer Sarah Pacacha
240008 Ren Border Collie Rachel Olson
240010 Quinn Miniature American/Australian Sheph Laurie Cherok
240011 Prete Pyrenean Shepherd Rachel Olson
Marin Running Riot
230705 Jolene Mix Alana Weissman
230706 Brito Mix Denise Fenzi
230722 Poppet Entlebucher Mountain Dog Carrie Alongi
Matsqui Flyball
230718 Stein Mix Melissa Henatyszen
Mighty Mutts
230747 Dazy Mix Alicia Bismore
Milwaukee Dogs
230655 Raya Border Collie Kathy Gibowski
Mountain Mayhem
230666 Luna Border Collie Tian Griffith
230670 Rudra Australian Cattle Dog Susanne Aurich
Mutts in Motion
230656 Dean Mix Kayleigh Hunt
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New River Express
230661 Bebop English Springer Spaniel Erin James-Crook
230667 Bowie Miniature American/Australian Sheph Paisley Lunchick
New River Rapids
230704 Malcolm Thomas Mix Jenn Thomas
No Big Woof
230626 Charlie Jack Russell Terrier Matthew Cunningham
No Speed Limit
230583 Ozzy Border Collie Lauralee McGuire
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Omaha Speed Racers
230682 Pickle Whippet Tenley Cappel
230683 Pickle Whippet Tenley Cappel
On My Go!
230702 Timber Australian Cattle Dog Janice Aube
230712 Lupin Australian Shepherd Whitney Yhap
On The Fly
230613 Bolt Mix Miwa Makita
230614 Mounty Mix Yukari Amano
230618 Ryoma Border Collie HIkaru Hasegawa
230620 Pinoko Mix Yoko Saito
230725 Kaos Mix Sandra Holland
230750 Tension Mix Morgan Jarvis
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Pacific Pups
230727 KaChow! Mix Marina Bolton
240004 Stormy Belgian Tervuren Debi Lofgren
Party Barkers
230723 Maverick Border Collie Liz Wahl
Paws on Fire
230588 Game Mix Danielle Beauregard
230589 Legacy Mix Danielle Beauregard
230590 Freja Doberman Pinscher Cassandra Fraser
230603 Kion Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lawson Clement
230645 Smuggle Mix Deanna Lefebvre
Perro Loco
230636 Rosy Mix Taryn Crouse
Portland Tail Blazers
230606 Whiskey Mix Paige Nef
230736 Ravie Mix Susan Eldridge
Pretty Darn Quick
230646 Digit Border Collie Samantha Pryce
230649 Rapper Whippet Helen Ferguson
Prime Time Flyball
230617 Zest Mix Chelsea Davang
230689 BaDoo Mix Kerri Flores
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Quantum Leap
230726 Texas Mix Michelle Banse
230743 Sam Brittany Spaniel Janice Crain
230744 Glen Border Collie Janice Crain
Queen City Road Runners
230677 Ruby Miniature American/Australian Sheph Kenichi Egawa
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Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs
230640 Hercules Labrador Retriever KayLee Warnecke
Redline Dogsports
230612 Tribute Mix Mona Johnson
Rip It Up
230596 Vice Mix Laci Wentland
Rocket City Racers
230720 Koda Border Collie Michelle Adams
Ruff Enuff
230599 Sequel Mix Susan Bonofiglio
Ruffin' It
230749 Turbo Pi Mix Chris Carr
240002 Lor American Hairless Terrier Bryan Roper
Run Free
230737 Stealth Mix Meagan Ram
230681 Brax American Hairless Terrier Rachel Townsend
230688 Mushu German Hunting Terrier/Jagdterrier Ellie Miller
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230703 Ripley Mix Lucille Maczis
SD Flyball
230643 Klyckit Mix Rebecca Aikin
Silver Streaks
230591 Thrill Mix Mollie Miller
230592 Volcano Mix Erica Martin
230594 Fanta English Cocker Spaniel Erica Martin
230595 Allie Mix Claudia Campoy
230598 Tea Mix Katie Weihbrecht
Some Ruff Competition
230653 Mochi Mix Antonia Jones
Special Fources
230621 Runner Mix Belinda Ralston
230623 Aiden Mix William Davis
230624 Uno Miniature American/Australian Sheph Nicole Papandrea
Spring Loaded
230662 Eddy Rat Terrier Christine Thomas
230668 Szarik Whippet Kelly Price
Stumptown Racers
230601 Sully Standard Poodle Cara Jensen
230602 Hemlock Boston Terrier Jacquelyn Knowles
Synergetic Surge
230697 Bling Mix Cheryl Hayes
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Tampa Bay Barkaneers
230684 Ona Mix Lorie Simmerman
230691 Oaklee Whippet Wade Shetler
Terminal Velocity
230686 Rum Whippet Christine Sells
Texas Twisters
230748 Daisy Mix Kelly Roby
That's So Fetch
230638 Hurry Border Collie Jordan Ullrich
230676 Nimona Mix Adriana Nottestad
The K9 Unit
230647 Sam I M Mix Paula Roberts
Thunder Paws
230650 Billie Jo Border Collie Cecily Ryan
Turbo Paws
230665 Freddie Mix Cris Lane
230734 Kreed Australian Cattle Dog Michelle Lowery
Twist of Fate
230641 Twisted Mix Anita Vinette
Two-Lane Highway
230635 Ribbon Mix Michelle and Erin Saywell
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230709 Mackie’s Diamonds Scout Mix Cindy Gutwein
Unassigned Members
230664 Spell Border Collie Mariah Ehlert
230687 Oakley Labrador Retriever Haley Lester
230690 Sender Mix Becca Kreski
230693 Samhain Staffordshire Bull Terrier Gordon Kane
230694 Glee! Border Collie Luann Tillman
230732 Sponge Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) Anne Martin
230733 Innis Irish Red and White Setter Anne Martin
230724 Corsair Mix Veronica Miller
230739 Hydrus Mix Nena Damson
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Woodlawn Woofers
230597 Boomerang Whippet Sabrina Burleson
230607 Gibby Australian Cattle Dog Jessy Cooper
230679 Snap Mix Kara McHugh
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Zero Gravity
230610 Lily Whippet Lyndell Frevel
230740 Ginny Border Collie Danielle Hudson
230741 Raven Schipperke Lea Murray

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