Recently Issued CRNs (last 3 months) by Club

CRN Dog Name Breed Owner
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Adrenaline Drive
230238 Snapp Mix Karin Chouinard
230251 Twist Mix Kris Niwa
230225 Enola Mix Tam Ha
Animal House
230157 Oberon Mix Mary Lou Janeba
Animal Inn
230131 Marty Border Collie Vicky Richie
230154 Ned Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Alex & Mackenzie Maidl
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230206 Macree Labrador Retriever Keira Chin
Ball Driven Bandits
230221 Ernie Labrador Retriever Courtney and Erik Scholting
230224 Riley English Cocker Spaniel Kelly Carman
230127 Journey Rat Terrier Beverly Calhoun
230128 Wave Rat Terrier Beverly Calhoun
Be Right Back
230165 Akona Border Collie Megan Cap
Big Orange Blast
230145 Ember Border Collie Morgan Jenkins
230150 Evie Border Collie Kelly Mayfield
230158 Boone Mix Robert Carbaugh
Bitches Be Crazy
230241 Ringo Mix Lisa Daum
230242 Smoochie Mix Lisa Daum
230186 Riot Shetland Sheepdog Sara Chouinard
230229 Ouija Boston Terrier Alysha Riel
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Canines in Action
230199 Monet Mix Keila Torres-Reed
230210 Bailey American Pit Bull Terrier Diane Bissell
Carolina Overdrive
230155 Bran Cairn Terrier Caroline McBride
Cascade Comets
230253 Shasta McNab Donna Jungbluth
230256 Junie Mix Sarah Jones
Celtic Mayhem
230263 Pogo Whippet Michele King
Crazy Train
230138 Rudy Border Collie Monica Cullinan
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Denver Speed Demons
230203 Spider Mix Molly Rauh
Diamonds in the Ruff
230204 Phil Mix Sherry LeCouillard
230235 Barry Mix Jenn Archibald
230258 Jigsaw Mix Rebecca Mitchell
Dixie Flyers
230236 Shylah Mix Jennifer Swann
Dog Gone Devils
230183 Ivy Shih Tzu Ann Freeze
230211 Magnum Jack Russell Terrier Candy Henely
DONT Dog Owner Needs Therapy
230201 Nikki Mix Courtney Barr
230261 Jazzie's Lil Chit Border Collie TAMMIE HOLLOWAY
Double Dog Dare
230136 Frodo Mix Anthony Slongo
Dream Team
230147 Isla American Pit Bull Terrier Gina Visentin
Dynamo DARTs
230164 Lyla Border Collie Karah Gerelus
230172 Zulu Border Collie Darla Shelton
230240 Mango Belgian Malinois Kalen Paulson
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230223 Surprise Mix Cheryl Johnson
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First In Flight
230264 Izzy Whippet Camille Brooks Stephanie Barnhill
Flyball MAINEiacs
230278 Seuss Mix Amanda Wrobel
Flying Underdogs
230189 Maya English Shepherd Tara Cozad
Frenzyed Flyers
230248 Chip Mix Katie Moore
Fur Fun
230134 Tonks Mix Alise Baer
Fur in a Blur
230257 Malibu Shetland Sheepdog Constance Neibecker
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Good2Go Flyball
230207 Gabby Olde English Bulldogge Tracy Y Hahn
230222 Whimsy Mix Joanna Sanders
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Hairier Jump Jets
230205 Stryker Border Collie Beverly Tirado
230246 Scorch Mix Cindy Gutwein
Harmony Flyball
230200 Fly Border Collie Kiera VandeVenter
230227 Lyric Border Collie Megan Cain
230228 Aria Border Collie Megan Cain
Hatcher Passers
230255 Buck German Shorthaired Pointer Courtney Hyso
Hawkeye Hustlers
230231 Krieger German Shepherd Dog Diana Lane
Heads or Tails
230141 Holo Collie (Rough) Kathleen Garland
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K9 Outlaws
230142 Pebbles Australian Cattle Dog Stephanie Hinden
230143 Lane Border Collie Angela Graczyk
Kaotic K9's
230214 Breezy Border Collie Manca Mikec
230198 Pearl Jack Russell Terrier Linda Calbick
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Lake Effect
230149 Firefly Standard Poodle Danielle Knobel
230178 Bowie Brittany Spaniel Jessica Sielawa
230179 Dillinger Briard MeKalea Chambliss
230180 Maly Mix James Rada
230181 Dini Mix Marisa Fagliarone
230162 Cava Mix Susi Evans
230163 Shimmer Mix Fran Shepherd
230166 Fizz Mix Julie Field
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Makin' Trax
230259 Adam Roy Border Collie Harrison Bourgoin
230262 Wally Collie (Rough) Emily Kuhn
Maple Leaps
230192 Fringe Mix Monique Cole
Mass Chaos
230196 Fiddle Border Collie Deborah Taylor
230197 Professor Frink Border Collie Deborah Taylor
230271 Remus Border Collie Shannon Gerber-Boschetto
Matsqui Flyball
230215 Kaiya Australian Kelpie Sherry Taylor
230254 comet Australian Shepherd emily simmons
Milwaukee Dogs
230140 Beau Brittany Spaniel Jody Lokken
Mission Uproar
230226 Safari Whippet Lisa Ashburn
Mostly Harmless
230274 Zoo Border Collie Julie Wegter
Mountain Mayhem
230130 Vahni Border Collie Judy Chaet
Mutts in Motion
230195 Lucid Mix ADRIENNE MOY
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No Speed Limit
230132 Cheddar Mix Sarah Fedder
230160 Dutch Whippet Carle Lee Detweiler
Northern Power Paws
230139 Cheetah Mix Sandi Ensz
Nose to Nose
230148 Dottie Mix Matthew Johnson
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Omaha Speed Racers
230182 Fury Australian Cattle Dog Kara Shellman-Kuhns
230216 Shasta Australian Shepherd Carol Anderson
230249 Twitch Border Collie Catherine Paruszkiewicz
230252 Hela Border Collie Shannon Alfer
On the Flipside
230177 Parlay Border Collie Travis & Lyndsy Dvorak
230151 Jack Papillon Jeanne Hendrickson
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Party Barkers
230273 Finn Mix Meghan Wilcox
Patriot Flyball
230173 Mace in the Face Border Collie Angelica Tambour
230230 Peppa Rose Mix Eleanor Rideout
230239 Dezie Border Collie Lorraine Messier
230265 Snitch Golden Retriever Kristy Rabczak
230266 Victor Belgian Malinois Dawn Auger
Puget Hounds
230270 Gracie Lou Mix Haley Landsiedel
230276 Creed Australian Shepherd Melanie Brisendine
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Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs
230267 Finnian Spinone Italiano Karl Weyers
Ready, Set, Ruckus!
230213 Oiseau Azawakh William Wimsatt
230272 Nightmare Belgian Malinois Samantha Brown
Rip It Up
230212 Fuse Mix Laci Wentland
Rude Dogs South
230144 Lochlea Q-Tea Border Collie Wei-Shan Han
Ruff Athletics Facility
230208 Biggie Smalls Papillon Lauren Porty
230209 Shark Bait Jack Russell Terrier Lauren Porty
RUFF Go's Flyball Club
230269 Hazel Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) Shay Sawchuk
Ruff Riders
230191 Mako Mix Anja Evans
Ruffin' It
230218 Kinship Australian Shepherd Amy Vanderryn
230234 JellyBee Russell Terrier Kim Baughman
Run Dogs Run
230161 Kerri Dutch Shepherd Kristin Morgan
230171 Ruby Border Collie Tricia Youngman
Run Free
230217 Rysk Mix Meagan Ram
230232 Revenant Whippet Becky Johnson
230233 Jelly Border Collie Carley Swann
Running Rogue
230275 Tipsy Border Collie Alexandria Revaleon
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230159 Jack American Cocker Spaniel Sue and James Ericson
SD Flyball
230219 Rumble Lagotto Romagnolo Debbie Redondo
Seattle FlyDogs
230175 Mabel Whippet Laura Tuson
Silver Streaks
230137 Jackson Border Collie Tina Neel
230187 Mango Brittany Spaniel Hannah Tykol
SoCal Frequent Flyers
230156 Rain Border Collie Cynthia Litson
230167 Wrangler Mix Jan Robinson
Some Ruff Competition
230184 Kylie Miniature American/Australian Sheph Heather Brooks
230185 ThrottL Mix Heather Brooks
230260 Tiger Mix Tooie and Ian Crooks
Stack Attack
230146 Hela Mix Brooke Ross
Stumptown Racers
230243 Josie Mix Jonica Thomas
230244 Flair Whippet Jonica Thomas
Synergetic Surge
230168 Soundwave Mix Kendyll Scott
230169 Crazy Mix Diamond Ruman
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Tampa Bay Barkaneers
230237 Fizzi Boston Terrier Joan Weesies
TCOTC High Spirits
230153 Tuvok English Cocker Spaniel Lynnda Lenzen
230176 Dobby Pug Jan Wagner
Texas Twisters
230129 Lana Mix John & Lisa McClure
The Flying Squad
230193 Freddie Mix Wendi Palmer
230194 Oakley Mix Robert & Maria Moser
Two-Lane Highway
230268 Malus Jack Russell Terrier Katrina Drake
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Unassigned Members
230152 Frankly Mix Candida Carrillo
230188 Remington Mix Sharyn Albrecht
230202 GIR Mix Samantha Marion
230220 Keeper Border Collie Ferne Brown Cindy Gutwein
230277 Kreacher Whippet Stephanie Clark
Underdogs Flyball
230133 Aerys German Shepherd Dog Ashley Angstadt
230174 Griffey Mix Morgan Williams
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Woodlawn Woofers
230247 Rocco Mix Annastasia Pappas
230250 Sweetnose Mix Kaydee Tyson
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Zero Gravity
230135 Cosmo Miniature American/Australian Sheph Chelsea Schuster
230170 Split Mix Stacey Gamble

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