Meet Your 2022 NAFA CanAm Judges

One of the many enjoyable aspects of CanAm is getting the opportunity to race under judges from other regions that you may not otherwise see. Each brings their individual background, experiences and style to the flyball ring.

Let’s get to know them a little better.

2022 NAFA CanAm Championship Judge
Peter Wesdyk

Region 8
Breakaway Flyball
Years judging: 17
Years playing flyball: 28

“I became a judge because I wanted to do everything I could to foster and improve the sport of flyball.”

Peter currently has four dogs: Buffy (Shepherd mix) who is “just” a farm dog, Jinx (Border Collie) who is retired from flyball, Mindy (mix) who currently races, and Pi (mix) who is in training.

Away from flyball, he enjoys playing with home automation, growing his vegetable garden, playing video games, and camping.

Did you know? “I am a super geek by nature. I set up home automation, write code to make it all work and track all of the stats off my personal weather station.”

Maija Doggett
Region 18
Alaska Dogs Gone Wild
Years judging: 5
Years playing flyball: 18

“My region only had one resident judge and he never got to run dogs because he was always judging. Adding myself as a judge has given him the ability to play the game in addition to judging it!”

Maija currently has four dogs, all rescues: Diva, a Siberian Husky who has been Region 8 MVP and is Maija’s second rescued Siberian to play flyball; Busy, a Portuguese Podengo Pequeno who is ADGW’s Multibreed height dog; Buddy, a deaf Sled Dog who has earned 1,374 precious points; and Prima, a Siberian puppy recently adopted from a local shelter who is in training to perpetuate Maija’s Siberian flyball fantasy.

When not playing flyball, Maija enjoys supporting the fight against cancer for humans—and dogs.

Did you know? “I married my husband so I could have Dog in my name! Also, I love the music of Flaco Jimenez!”

Paul Ferlitto
Region 14
The Gamblers
Years judging: 21
Years playing flyball: 22

“I became a judge because I love the sport and wanted to help promote flyball.”

Paul currently has two dogs, both rescues: one mixed breed and one Border Collie.

In addition to flyball, Paul enjoys golf.

Did you know? “My wife and I have traveled with and raced 13 dogs. I have judged in at least twelve states, and my wife was Region 14 Regional Director.”

Photo by Dave Strauss

Mary McElligott
Region 2
(Plays mostly in Region 2, lives in Region 13)
Spring Loaded
Years judging: 3
Years playing flyball: 15

“Tim and I both decided to become NAFA judges in order to give back to a sport and organization that we love. Having a built-in relief judge comes in handy!”

Photo by Dave Strauss

Mary currently has four dogs: Tek, 10-year-old Border Collie, retired flyball dog; Disco, 10-year-old Miniature Aussie, retired flyball dog; Tessie, 8-year-old Border Collie, current flyball dog; and Bliss, 4-year-old Border Whippet, current flyball dog.

Before an injury sidelined her, Mary was a runner and competed in two Ragnar Relay races (200-mile team road race). Now, when time permits, she enjoys yoga.

Did you know? “I’m the mother of two incredible humans: a 28-year-old daughter who is an attorney, and a 25-year-old son who is a schoolteacher. I’m an Enrolled Agent and have been a tax accountant for the last 25 years.”

Tom Lamont
Patriot Flyball
Region 13
Years judging: 6
Years playing flyball: 12

“I became a judge because I like the excitement and the challenge. Also, because I was at a tournament in Dover, New Hampshire where Cindy Henderson was the only judge, and she was unable to get a break or run her dog because there was no backup judge, so I wanted to prevent that from happening again.”

Tom currently has three dogs, all of whom have played flyball: Jessie is 14 and retired; Dillon is 11 and still running; and Cedar is 6 and full of energy.

Besides flyball, Tom enjoys golfing, hiking, biking and kayaking on Cape Cod and in New Hampshire.

Did you know? “I am a retired police officer and a Marine. I have two sons and nine grandchildren. I have been happily married for 49 years.”

Stephanie Treviño
Hairier Jump Jets
Region 9
Years judging: 8 years
Years playing flyball: 13

Stephanie currently has three dogs: a Sheltie, a Border Collie, and a Mini American Shepherd.

Outside of flyball, Stephanie supports her two kids who are busy doing theater and dance. She’s looking forward to finding another hobby in 12 years.

Did you know? “I’m from Washington State—and I have snowboarded since I was seven but haven’t in 14 years since moving to Virginia.”

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