Rodeo's nomination letter

Submitted by Jane Kline

We respectfully submit the nomination of Australian Shepherd Rodeo for the Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame. Rodeo began his racing career in September of 2004, earned his Iron Dog in October of 2012 and continued racing until March 2016. At the time of his retirement, he was the highest pointed dog in Region 14 with 86,505 points. His Flyball career was celebrated by everyone in the region at his last tournament. Rodeo is well known and admired in Region 14. If the Road Dogs were short on handlers, there was no shortage of people willing to step in to help run him, he was fun to run. When Open racing began he helped many smaller clubs and new clubs race. When he missed a tournament (thankfully not often) many people would inquire as to his whereabouts, wanting to be sure he was ok. The Music City Road Dogs would be a lesser club if Rodeo had not played. Tireless start dog, but easily ran in any position. Getting to run Rodeo hooked many new handlers on the sport and on training their dogs to reach their potential. Throughout his long career, the only thing he ever asked for was another ball.

Photo by Adam Short, Ambient-Exposure Photography


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