Shiner's nomination letter

Submitted by Julie Jenkins

Shiner is an exceptional border collie who truly left her mark on the sport of flyball. In her 11-year career, Shiner lived up to her name, shining bright in the lanes and outside of them. She was the fastest dog in several regions for years, with a best time of 3.73, run in 2004. She helped her club, Fur Fun, set numerous best times and win regional championships in three different NAFA regions (13, 15 and 9). She holds an Iron Dog award and the HOBBES award. Despite her owner/handler's mobility issues and bilateral knee replacements, Shiner was incredibly easy to train and ran as fast as she possibly could for, what some would consider, minimal motivation. Her enviable box turn never changed, even as she aged and her times got a little slower. Shiner hooked many new handlers on flyball, since she was perfectly behaved and very easy to run. Outside of the lanes she remains great ambassador for the sport and the border collie breed. Although she's retired from flyball, her legacy lives on in her kids and grand-kids racing all over the country. Photo by Irene Cotter.



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