Pyp's nomination letter

Submitted by Mike Randall

Pyp's best time was 4.123 (NAFA), 4.233 (UFL) at 9 and past his prime. Pyp earned 98,678 points w/NAFA and 3,160 points w/UFL. A solid 4.2 and 4.3 second height dog - when Pyp had to he could run a 4.1. Pyp's career spanned over 13 years, competing with 87 different dogs in 148 NAFA tournaments and 4 U-FLI tournaments, with 45 Division One First Places and 6 Regional Championships. Pyp competed in tournaments in 12 different states and twice in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. Pyp would run for anyone, on any team, in any position, into or against any dog - big or small, aggressive or timid. Not only a competitor, but also a great dog if you wanted to train an inexperienced or timid dog. Pyp had a few faults - birds in the building or if he didn't have a ball when he returned, he would head back to the box - it didn't matter if it was his turn or not or if there was another dog in the lane. If he got knocked down he would bounce right back up and complete the race. Pyp gave it all he had all the time.



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