Shadow's nomination letter

Submitted by Rocket Relay

Every now and then we look at the NAFA Hall of Fame and see so many great dogs, including some of our own, but we also notice one dog missing and that is Karen Larkin's cool little dog Shadow. When we think of what a Hall Of Fame dog should have done in their career we think of having a tremendous contribution to the sport, leading the way and longevity. Well Shadow ran from 1998 to 2011 and received an Iron Dog Award so there is your longevity. Shadow was NAFA's top pointed dog when she retired with over 150,000 points and did most of that as a height dog so that covers contribution and leading the way, how is this dog not in the Hall of Fame? Please do us the honour and vote for Shadow to be inducted into the NAFA Hall of Fame. We feel any dog who has achieved all these goals deserves to be honoured with entry into the NAFA Hall Of Fame and we hope you feel the same. Thanks for considering Shadow. Rocket Relay Flyball Club



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