Snap's nomination letter

Submitted by Steve Morris

Snap is a 13 year old Border Border, 9" height dog that runs on Flying Colors in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is owned by Tooie and Ian Crooks. In her prime, Snap was one of a handful of truly exceptional height dogs.

She consistently ran between 4.0 4.2 and occasionally clocked some high 3.9's. Her most noted athletic skill was her lightning fast turn. She runs any position, passes fearlessly and, while her true love is Ian, she will run for anybody and has taught many a green dog and handler how to play.

Although Snap is a great height dog and gives the game everything she has, her legacy to the sport lies within the paws of her offspring. The fierce drive and competitive nature of this little dog has been passed on and through her offspring, who are racing in NAFA in the USA, Canada, with one even in Poland. Through them, she has helped many a team achieve their personal best times.

Snap has had a phenomenal impact on the North American flyball community and is truly deserving of this award!



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