Radar's nomination letter

Submitted by Dave Walt, Positive Pups

Radar (May 24, 1995 - April 14, 2009) was brought over here from England. He was a huge super long legged puppy with a giant head that everyone thought was too big for flyball and would never turn out to be a fast dog.

Not only did Radar prove them wrong but he turned out to be one of the fastest dogs of his time and helped Rocket Relay set many world records, win Regional and NAFA Championships and was on the first team to break 15 seconds!!!

He was the dog that changed the thinking of many. It was no longer thought smaller BC means faster dog instead it was larger dog meant more power, strength and speed!! To this day some of the fastest dogs out there come from Radar and there is one of his pups in almost every region in NAFA.

Thanks for taking the time to consider Radar for the Clyde Moore Hall Of Fame.




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