Morgan's nomination letter

Submitted by Amy Klingenberg, Denver Speed Demons

Keri and Morgan started playing flyball eight years ago when Morgan was two years old. Already competing in agility (Morgan was the first Great Dane to win the AKC’s Master Agility Championship, among many other titles) Keri co-founded DEO Speedwaggin’, only the 2nd flyball club in Colorado, with Morgan as one of the founding dogs. Together they helped develop flyball throughout Colorado and trained countless dogs.

Morgan has been an inspiration to many Great Dane owners (and other big dog breed owners for that matter). Reliable, fast, driven, friendly, and responsive are Morgan's best characteristics. One of her most endearing characteristics is her overwhelming love, attachment, and devotation for Keri. Morgan's personality is as big as she is and she doesn't hide it while racing!

Keri and Morgan have traveled across the country competing in flyball. Morgan is big, loud, competitive and loves to race. She raced on the record holding Multibreed team in Region 19 for multiple years and still competes in division I. Morgan was the first Great Dane registered with NAFA to earn ONYX and FGDCH titles (she's still the top point earning Dane). At 10 she's still racing strong and a legend in our region.



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