Ripper's nomination letter

Submitted by Brian Fay, Natural Disaster

Please consider the nomination of Ripper (Jack Russell Terrier) for the Clyde Moore Hall of Fame. Ripper raced in his first tournament one week after his first birthday and retired at his last tournament just before his 13th birthday. Ripper earned 90,008 points while racing in 160 tournaments in 9 states and provinces during his career. He once earned an amazing 2,892 points over 3 days of racing. When he retired he was the number 2 dog of his breed.

Ripper raced on many teams throughout his career, most of the time as the height dog. He was the height dog on the 2001 Regional Championship Regular and Multi-breed teams for Region 2. Ripper helped several teams he raced with run their best times over the years. In the height of his career, Ripper ran low 4s along with only a handful of other 9" height dogs. He was the type of dog that held his times throughout the weekend and could easily double-run if needed.

None of this means much to Ripper though. Ripper ran because he loved the game. He ran for many handlers over the years and owes much of his success to all of his teammates.

Photo by Len Silvester.



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