Bizzy's nomination letter

Submitted by Terrie O'Connor, Lone Star Ruffnecks

Because she didnít fit into future plans, 7 month old Bizzz-Quick was turned into rescue - I was her foster mom. At first I wasnít even sure Bizzy was adoptable. But, at a year old, Bizzy was adopted and journeyed 1400 miles from Texas to Canada. Eight years later she became the first rescue dog to earn NAFAís Hobbes Title- the second Canadian to reach this amazing milestone!

Starting her career in 2000, Bizzy ran with Zippity-Do-Dogs, Tailspinners, Cool Runnings and since 2004, DogZworth. She was part of the best time set to date for all of these teams. Consistent, a tireless starter, a must win anchor and anywhere in between- almost 11 year old Bizzy continues to be an asset to DogZworth as well as any Open or Veterans line up. She has been an ambassador for flyball, performing in demos and on TV. In 2007 Bizzy was nominated for NAFAís Hall of Fame- she lost by only 3 votes.

Bizzy is the third highest pointed dog in NAFA - the highest pointed dog currently racing within Canada.

Bizzz-Quick - born in Texas, Canadian by choice, but serves all of North America proudly. Owned and loved by Ally and Scott Kolesnikow.

Photo by Len Silvester.



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