Jagger's nomination letter

Jagger has competed in flyball since 1996. She has run on 4 Multi-breed Regional Champion teams, is currently ranked #11 in NAFA with an amazing 85,588 points, is the #1 English Shepherd in flyball, and has been one of the fastest non-Border Collie breeds in the region.

She can run any position the team needs, is a rock-solid competitor, and never makes errors. These accomplishments alone would make Jagger worthy of being inducted into the Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame. But there is more.

In September ’04, at age 9, Jagger was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her rear leg. Her only chance for survival was to have her leg amputated at the hip. After surgery, Jagger not only adapted quickly to everyday life but made it clear that she wanted to continue to participate in the game that she loves most - flyball. Three-legged Jagger resumed competing just eight weeks after her surgery, leading Balls Out to the 2005 Multi-breed Regional Championship. After earning 20,000+ more points (an Onyx on 3 legs!) she retired in June 2006.

Jagger’s strength and determination is an inspiration to those around her and an example of courage in overcoming life’s obstacles.



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