Indy Anna's nomination letter

Submitted by Gisele Savard

In addition to being one of the original "Power Pups", Indy was their height dog AND Allsorts Dogsports' fastest dog for most of her career. The Power Pups team formed an unmatched powerhouse within region 8 and was consistently ranked in NAFA's top ten teams.

After a serious leg injury at the age of four - in which doctors predicted her career was basically over - she defied the odds and proved everyone wrong, by not only coming back to play the game she loved, but coming back to play at a top level, showing her “heart and determination” and proving that she is truly one of the greats in flyball.

Career Highlights: - Seven Regional Championships - Four Regional Multi-Breed Championships - One NAFA Multi-breed Championship

Indy was a true ambassador of the sport having played in many regions, against many of NAFA’s fastest teams as well as participating in four PIDC's. She was often pitted against other teams' fastest dogs and rarely lost the challenge.

Indy retired in June 2004 after 10.5 years of racing. Please consider electing Indy to the Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame and place her with the other all-time greats!


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