Hobbes' nomination letter

Submitted by Maurice & Shannon Seeger

When Gary Mueller picked out a pup at a flea market for $30, he never dreamed that this collie/shepherd mix would not only change his life, but make history as well. After almost losing Hobbes to parvovirus, Gary was determined to give his life a purpose, so he chose to pursue Flyball with his "Speedbump" of a dog; even after being told that Hobbes would be lucky to achieve 100 points! Reaching 100 points was only the beginning of Hobbes's accomplishments and his impact on our sport. You see, it was Gary and Hobbes who were the first to line up anywhere beyond the 20' line. People would laugh at Gary’s 45' start position and the idea that he would let go at the first yellow light! They quit laughing when they realized that dogs run faster when they cross the start line at full speed! At the end of September 2002, at ten years of age, Hobbes became the first dog in NAFA to reach 100,000 points. Hobbes is currently Ranked #1 in points of over 14,000 dogs in NAFA. At the end of September 2004, Hobbes will retire from this game where he has left such an impression.



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