Merlin's nomination letter

Merlin the red Whippet (CRN 950238), began running flyball in Illinois in 1995. He has been a valued first-string start dog on two A teams, Hit Squad and River City Flyers and was on the Regional Champion team in 1999 and 2000. Merlin has toured in 8 states in 4 regions. He is the first hound to get an ONYX and a Flyball Dog Grand Champion and is the top Whippet and hound in NAFA rankings.

The crowd roars when Merlin runs at the University of Illinois basketball and Harlem Globetrotters game demos. The UI basketball coach even has Merlin's pawgraphed photo on the wall. He has been featured in the text and/or photographs of four articles and on television as part of Purina Challenge and Animal Planet, and on a multi-breed flyball T-shirt.

"Perfectly chiseled and often mistaken for his greyhound cousin, Merlin practically slithers over the hurdles" was one newswriters description of Merlin's performance. He has been timed at under 4 seconds over 8-inch jumps and runs 4.3 over 11 inch jumps.

Merlin is a once in a lifetime friend who enthusiastically represents his breed and flyball. Please vote Merlin, the first hound into the Hall of Fame.  


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