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Scoring Tournaments with FBScore

FBScore is no longer supported by NAFA but may still be used. You can go here to access the latest scoring program:

FBScore can be downloaded here:

Download FBScore software
(Current version is 1.02)

Note: older systems may require an update from Microsoft to load the .NET Framework

The NAFA software will download to your system. You will need to UNZIP the file and then execute the.EXE file to create the installation programs. Click on "Setup.Exe" in that folder and the software will install in the Programs\NAFA folder.

Part of the installation package includes a manual. Take the time to read it over before starting. It's short and will save you excessive keystrokes. You can also view the manual online.

Once the event is scored, you can test the data.

All scoring results should be sent to

Special Notes

FBScore is no longer supported by NAFA. To allow for the classes that have been added, the following conventions can be used:

  • Veterans should be scored as Regular 99
  • Open should be scored as Regular 88 (if you have more than one Open division, score them as Regular 87, Regular 88 and Regular 89 in that order)
  • Performance teams should have an asterisk (*) as the first character of the team name
  • Also, note that for teams that do not place (eg broke out three times or went FEO), code their placement as 0 (the number zero).

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