Recently Issued CRNs (last 3 months) by Club

CRN Dog Name Breed Owner
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5280 Spaceballs
210116 Miska German Shepherd Dog Victoria Kander
210132 Amp Mix Aly Jabrocki
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Agents of Chaos
210079 FeeBee Mix Patricia Burgess
Alamo Racing Canines
210056 Bones Mix Lisa Chavez
All Revd Up
210047 Punk Mix Amanda Jones
210077 Rosie Border Collie Natasha Schusler
210129 Jade Staffordshire Bull Terrier Anne Savo
Animal House
210128 Oakley Mix Nikki Stouder
Animal Inn
210062 Marvel Mix John and Theia Forseth
210101 Bennie Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Sarah Jeatran
Arizona Supercharged
210066 Nivo Border Collie Hailey Crider
Asylum Unleashed
210098 Lunatic Mix Suzanne Ulrich
210150 Moto Mix Jenni Hesse
210151 Weapon Mix Brent Honmyhr
210152 Goblin Mix Fred Luehrs
210153 Purge Border Collie Leslie Gravatt
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Bad Company
210135 Ringo Jack Russell Terrier Rob & Mindy Trombley
210140 Duer Border Collie Dave Baldridge
210142 Twig Mix Sienna Dellepiane
Bakersfield Tailspins
210046 Talulah American Cocker Spaniel Sherilyn Yarian
210086 Trip Mix Sandy Baker
210087 Gotcha Mix Sandy Baker
210088 Laken Mix Suzie Harris
210156 FLY Jack Russell Terrier Robbin Grabowski
Ball Haulers
210081 Ranger Cano Jasso Border Collie Destiny Cano
210093 Brutus Australian Cattle Dog Heather Harvey
210048 Valkyrie Miniature American/Australian Sheph Scott Earl
210110 On Target's Riptide Mix Sandy Thorsen
210147 Buzzinga Australian Shepherd JASMINE WESTCOTT
BC Boomerangs
210120 Mini me Mix Christina Tresch
210121 Cinder Mix Mike Tresch
210138 Onyx German Shepherd Dog Kerri Taylor
Be Right Back
210070 Karma Mix Brianne Hillmer
210071 Elva Border Collie Amie Youngdahl
Brat Pack
210109 Ruby Mix Sage Van Voorhis
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Canine Conspiracy
210141 Jiffy Mix Tracy Waterfallen
Canines in Action
210144 CHIBI Mix Sherry Waddell
210145 Josie Mix Stevie Merrill
Cascade Comets
210050 Philly Mix Brian Tallon
Celtic Mayhem
210125 TikTok Mix Michele King
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Disorderly Conduct
210069 Buddy Australian Cattle Dog Michelle Thole
210075 Winston Border Collie Lori Turner
210143 Gracie Mix Peggy Schilling
Dog Gone Devils
210073 Bearla Labrador Retriever Edward St John
Dogs Of Anarchy
210114 Kayo Mix Shannon Taaffe
210124 Gelato Whippet Jaimie Weber
DONT Dog Owner Needs Therapy
210076 Justin Mix Norma Brrizzi
Droolin Dragsters
210052 Penny Border Collie Kaitlyn Keller
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210097 Sarek Border Collie Joy Adiletta
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Fetch It
210146 Riley Miniature American/Australian Sheph Heather Krenz
210148 Ice Mix Michelle Sorensen
Flyball MAINEiacs
210112 Slider Australian Shepherd Debra Ricker
Frenzyed Flyers
210084 Katana Labrador Retriever Andrea Goodchild
210085 Perri Belgian Tervuren Linda Kurfis
210106 Millie Australian Cattle Dog Kayla Bostwick
210107 Maple Border Collie Kayla Bostwick
210108 Foster Australian Cattle Dog Kristin Detwiler
Fur Fun
210103 Cherry Bomb Border Collie Leerie & Julie Jenkins
210104 Needle Whippet Leerie & Julie Jenkins
210105 Hamilton Border Collie Brenda Vogel
210111 Nimble Mix Kristen Dyer
210122 Potion Mix Susan Dyer
210078 Lucy Mix Wendy Signorella
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Hairier Jump Jets
210149 Bella Miniature American/Australian Sheph Donna Harris
Happily Evfur After
210091 Wicked Miniature American/Australian Sheph Annamarie Pagano
Happy Hurdlers
210157 Tonka Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Tammy Skaalerud
High Velocity
210137 Jethro Mix Mark Anderson
210139 Medic Mix Todd Heineman
Hot Rod Hounds
210059 Echo Border Collie Kathy Schultz
210060 Khali Australian Shepherd Barbara Geach
210061 Nye-Ya Mix thea tsurumoto
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Jumpin' Jax
210123 Mrs. Gladys Kravitz Mix Rebekah Harp
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Lone Star Ruffnecks
210072 Never Mix Matthew Mayton
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Mostly Harmless
210100 Mickey English Cocker Spaniel Kristin Adams
Mutter Chaos
210063 Ella Brittany Spaniel Abby Scott
210090 Zuri Belgian Malinois Kelsey Simpson
210092 Winston Mix Natalia Coppess
Mutts in Motion
210068 Whisper Border Collie Sherri Dodd
210074 Jade Mix ADRIENNE MOY
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North Alabama Box Rockers
210080 WINGS Border Collie MaryJo Marotta
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Omaha Speedracers
210054 Chalupa Mix Crystal Cappel
210154 Mayzie English Springer Spaniel Jen Howell
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Pacific Pups
210115 Dasher Hernandez Miniature American/Australian Sheph Mireille Hernandez
210131 Dagger Belgian Malinois Ellyn Crawford
Patriot Flyball
210130 Maris Border Collie Cindy Henderson
Pawz Across Texas
210057 Remi Vizsla Michelle Peterson
210058 Nelli Vizsla Michelle Peterson
210067 Tavish West Highland White Terrier Mary-Ellen Jacobs
Portland Tail Blazers
210053 Oreo Australian Shepherd Carrie Niemiec
Prime Time Flyball
210064 Hazel Mix Randy Harrill
210065 Bullet Mix Randy Harrill
210094 FlyGirl Mix Pamela Martin
210095 Spork Mix Pamela Martin
210096 Mighty Mix Pamela Martin
210117 Fly Wicked Fly Mix Andrea McManus
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Queen City Road Runners
210051 Iris Australian Cattle Dog Kathy Siliven
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ROC Flight
210155 Oakley Whippet Jessica Burgess
Rocket City Racers
210113 Henry Border Collie Traci Bruce
210099 Flash Labrador Retriever Carrie Hank
Ruff Enuff
210118 Mako Border Collie Jacinta Solano
210119 RACE Whippet Linda Smith
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SoCal Frequent Flyers
210055 Dice Mix Dawn Kovell
210089 Bliss Mix Eleza Kerfoot
Spitfiring Paws
210083 Sharkbait Australian Cattle Dog Cassie Villarreal
Surf City Flyball
210049 Denali Mix Sue/Rick Langelier
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Top Dog Racers
210102 Fiona Mix Jodi Sanders
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Unassigned Members
210133 Roush Mudi Jennifer MacEnany
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Wagging Tails Flyball
210082 Zuzu Mix Amy Sjomeling
210136 Squeak! Mix Patrisha Kroshus
Westside Woofers
210126 Cleo Standard Poodle Rocky & Dianna Fox
210127 Winston Standard Poodle Dianna and Rocky Fox
210134 Luna Mix Sonia Akers

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