Recently Issued CRNs (last 3 months) by Club

CRN Dog Name Breed Owner
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Be Right Back
200270 Gamer Mix Lydia Goggin
Blockade Runners
200279 Ace Mix Meaghan Arpe
200280 Diego Mix Wanda Wise
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Diamonds in the Ruff
200261 Crackle Mix Taylor Oostenbrug
Dixie Flyers
200264 Goose Miniature American/Australian Sheph Diane Ziegler
Dogs of Steel
200259 Lily Golden Retriever MARGARET and BRUCE BOULANGER
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Elusive Flyball
200267 Bliss Belgian Malinois Nancy Denier
200269 Atlas Australian Kelpie Shelby Gernhart
200266 Wam Mix Nicole Velotta
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Go Dog Go
200283 Rey Border Collie Kendra and Jonathan Bescher
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200282 Grace Mix Loretta Totten
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No Speed Limit
200260 Louie Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Judith Hoffman
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On the Flipside
200278 Flip Flop Mix Sharon Atkinson
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Patriot Flyball
200273 Revel Border Collie Liz and Dave Strauss
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Queen City Road Runners
200265 Whiskey Australian Shepherd Blanche Gerbert
200281 Kira Siberian Husky Virginia Wortman
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Rip It Up
200277 Temper Whippet Laci Wentland
Rocket City Racers
200268 Halley Border Collie Pamela Ashley
Ruff Riders
200275 Kili Mix Anja Evans
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Seattles Best Canines
200276 Lexi Mix Janelle Barnes
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Unassigned Members
200262 Dreamer Kromfohrländer Cynthia Heyman
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Westside Woofers
200271 Splash Australian Shepherd Alisa Radice
200272 Bets Australian Shepherd Alisa Radice
200274 Turbo Jack Russell Terrier Catherine Stampe
Woodlawn Woofers
200263 Bam Mix Claudia Young

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