Recently Issued CRNs (last 3 months)

CRN Dog Name Breed Owner
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Alaska, USA
200288 Milady Border Collie Patti Higgins
200291 Tishka Mix Janice Troyer
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British Columbia, Canada
200282 Grace Mix Loretta Totten
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Florida, USA
210001 Kaos Mix Sarah Riffe
210002 Mahomes Mudi Beth Borchardt
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Massachusetts, USA
200286 Nixx Boston Terrier Linnea Parker
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North Carolina, USA
200283 Rey Border Collie Kendra and Jonathan Bescher
200284 Newt Border Collie Anna Almeida
200285 Lokai Border Collie Anna Almeida
200290 River Miniature American/Australian Sheph Julie Mwaniki
210006 Mindy Miniature American/Australian Sheph CJ Fithian
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Saskatchewan, Canada
210003 RJ Mix Byron Leoppky
210005 Bye Mix Patricia Williams
210007 Penny Mix Joanna Sanders
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Tennessee, USA
200287 Sunny Mix Eleanor Nahley
210008 Willow Australian Kelpie Meredith Carlson
Texas, USA
200292 Cammie Collie (Rough) Erin and Adam Gorney
200293 Paige Collie (Smooth) Erin and Adam Gorney
210004 Blackjack Border Collie Jennifer Steede
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Washington, USA
200289 Kr'msun Nefer-Temu Rei Rei Pharaoh Hound Tabitha Perry

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