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About the NAFA Website About the Website Cover Dogs

The NAFA home page regularly changes the featured cover dog to showcase the many faces of flyball. Thank you to all the photographers for letting us use your great photos.

If you have a photo you would like to submit for consideration, please send it to the NAFA Webmaster. Include a brief bio of the dog, and who the photo should be credited to (please make sure you have permission from the photographer to use the photo).

November, 2010
Alex is one of only a few Westie's running in flyball. Alex was actually recruited to the MAINEiacs because they needed a reliable height dog and he needed the speed of border collies! His body may not be built for flyball ball but every inch of his heart is, a true "go to" dog! He ran with them for 4 years and after becoming the first westie to earn an FMCh in 2009 Alex retired at the age of 12. He's always available for a back-up wheight dog though! Alex is also considering a go in the vets division but is enjoying retirement at the moment! Photo Courtsey of JPI Gifts.

August, 2010
Banshee learned flyball by default. His brother(Lab) and sister(Border Collie) were training so he came along. Little did I know that the slow, lack of ball drive dog would actually take to the sport. He started playing at 9.5 years and in less than 2 years got almost 10000 pts. I began to think he might make it to #1 Samoyed in NAFA. Unfortunately time and cancer got to him in January 2009. - Laura O Donnell

June, 2010
Driver is a 3 1/2 year old German Shepherd dog, owned by Wendy Grandman of Double Impact flyball team, based out of Georgetown,Ontario Canada.

Driver came to Wendy almost 3 years ago, being a rescue dog, and after having been in 4 foster homes. Driver's inexhaustible energy level is certainly the reason he kept moving from home to home. Wendy compares his energy level to those of her border collies! Driver has just started his flyball career and when he is not racing down the flyball lanes, he is chasing his disc and performing at many shows as a Disc Dog Freestyler. Photo by Len Silvester.

May, 2010
aka TriHard’s Laser - FGDCH, eight year old Laser joined Karen Erz’s family as a fluffy, happy border collie pup ( Indy x Divot), and has not stopped smiling since. He is the happiest dog she has ever owned, and he has a wonderful exuberance for life. As much drive as he has, he is also a wonderful pet who can just chill out in the house.

Laser has been racing on Top Dog Racers his entire flyball career. A super easy dog to train, he took to flyball immediately. With his very consistent box turn, everyone on the team wants to have him as the dog they have to pass. Photo to Kyle Lehrmann.

April, 2010
aka Quicksilver’s All Aglow, is a two year old border collie bred by Deb and Julie Norman. She is by Angie and Lee Heighton’s Badger out of Deb’s Shiner. She (and her sister, Kohl) are some of the newest members of DogGoneFast Flyball in Raleigh, NC. She has run in three tournaments with a personal best so far of 3.880 and has earned her FDCh-G! Her favorite position is start so she can stare down the opposition before whipping off down the lane. Though her mom couldn’t attend, Halo recently traveled to the NAFA Can-Am Classic where she helped set a new club record of 17.5 seconds handled by her “Uncle” Geoff Brown. She is a very happy, silly girl who loves to meet new people and learn new things. If you ever meet Halo be prepared for lots of kisses; we recommend keeping your mouth closed when greeting her! She is owned and loved by Kate Wentz and lives with her spaniel friends, Basil and Godiva and couch potato lab, Lise in Raleigh, NC. Photo taken by Sam Bennett of Swift-Bennet Photography (

aka Anchor Creek's Anarchy on Thunder Hill, FMX, WD, is a six 1/2 year old Leonberger and is one of the top giant breed dogs in NAFA. Havoc was a strong competitor throughout his flyball career and was notorious for his "opponent check" at the box that is captured in this wonderful photo by Sam Bennet. He ran in every position and with many different breeds of dogs in his career and posted a best time of 4.677 seconds in start. Havoc retired from flyball last spring and is currently enjoying water rescue and tracking as his retirement sports. Havoc and his handler, Mary Kline, would like to thank all their friends in Region 15 and Region 9 for their support and some wonderful racing. We were fortunate to find a home with Flash Point and send very special thanks to every dog and handler on our club - passing the 100+ lb dog takes courage! Havoc's photo is courtesy of Swift-Bennett Photography.

January, 2010
Whoever said “You Can’t Teach Old Dog a New Trick” never met Tam. I adopted Tam from Glen Highland Farm in July 2007 at the age of 10 ½. Having two younger border collies at home that actively compete and train in flyball and agility, I knew I would not be able to give a young dog the attention or training they needed. Adopting an older dog seemed the way to go. It was clear from the first day at home that Tam was not ready to spend his golden years lounging on the sofa. Tam is crazy about his Frisbee and, in spite of our daily exercise regimen, something was missing. As with most border collies, Tam needed a job. I train and teach at Y2K9s in Wyndmoor, PA so I started taking Tam to flyball class with me. He was very interested and excited in class so I started letting him do some run backs. It wasn’t long before I introduced him to the box. He was having a great time and there even seemed to be more order in our pack, so we stuck with it. Tam was not an easy dog to train and can be reactive, but this became a personal challenge for me. With the patience, support and indulgence of my team, Fur Fun, Tam received his Flyball Dog (FD) title in June of 2009 at the age of 12 ½. More importantly, it is now clear that Tam’s “job” in life is to be an ambassador for adopting senior dogs. I realize that not all older dogs have his energy but they have so much to offer and are so often overlooked. Tam has been my teacher, and I continue to learn from him. And, hopefully, there are a few more titles to earn – he clearly is not done yet. Photo by Jim Geiser

Mr. Winchester
We are proud to introduce Winchester as the first Gordon Setter to achieve Onyx level! Totally green to flyball, Chester started lessons with Karen Apfel after watching her team do a demo at an equestrian event. Scouted out by Roberta Harrison, he joined her team, 4 on the Floor, and has been racing with her his entire flyball career. Winchester's reliability and stamina made him a great start dog with a fast time and a swimmer's turn, as well as a Dream Team pick on more than one occasion. Chester's other accomplishments include titles in Conformation, Obedience (CDX), Rally and the Field; as well as an AKC CD & RN. He also boasts having been on Toronto's Breakfast Television, doing tricks to advertise a "Canine Idol" contest and performing agility and obedience demos at fall fairs. Having said and done all that, there is no doubt that flyball is his favorite. The boy is an off the wall, too much energy hunk of dog and to stay sane, Chester needs work. In flyball his focus is on the job at hand (paw) and he gets both the mental and physical stimulation he needs and loves; and nothing is more exciting than being praised and treated for doing something so high energy, so well. We are so happy to have found this sport and thank everyone who has helped us get to this Onyx; especially past & present 4 on the Floor dogs! In closing, in a nutshell (from us and our fellow Gordon friends) - Look what a Gordon Setter can do!!! Winchester is owned & handled by Brenda & Bill Brown, Ont. Can. - photo courtesy of Fred Theiss

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Header photo by Diane Lewis