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The NAFA home page regularly changes the featured cover dog to showcase the many faces of flyball. Thank you to all the photographers for letting us use your great photos.

If you have a photo you would like to submit for consideration, please send it to the NAFA Webmaster. Include a brief bio of the dog, and who the photo should be credited to (please make sure you have permission from the photographer to use the photo).

December, 2009
Shianne is one of the few APBT's running flyball. Shianne was rescued by Debra Young and Sonny Ganges at 3 wks of age and is now 3 yrs old. She came from a shaddy background that would have left her with a dim future. She was bottled feed and nursed into a healthy little girl with lots of energy and an obsession for tennis balls. When Shianne and Debby found flyball they were hooked. Shianne began training in 2007 with Revolution Flyball, region 15. She learned the sport quickly and loves it!! Shianne's favorite things are playing chuck it, swimming (she is also a dock diving dog), and carrying around her blanket that she likes to nurse on. Shianne has her FMX, is handled by Debra Young, and runs between 4.1 - 4.3. Shianne, along with the other pitbulls who run, are ambassador's of their breed. Photo by Swift-Bennett Photography.

The Flying Sausage - Peaches is the highest pointed Smooth Dachshund in NAFA. She is the first of her breed to earn the Onyx award. This devoted little doxie had a rough start in life. As a puppy she was the victim of a house fire and bears scars from the experience. She was adopted by John and Tanya Petrucha who nursed her back to health. Peaches initially attended an obedience class but failed to stay when the instructor took out a tennis ball. Thus, the birth of a flyball star. Peaches is a full time height dog for All Ruffed Up and an important part of their multi-breed teams. Photo by John Petrucha.

November, 2009
Jaeger is a 3 year old American Pit Bull Terrier who runs on the Tampa Bay Barkaneer flyball team. He is owned by Carla Thomas of St. Petersburg, Florida. Jaeger is a very competitive dog with extremely high drive who loves his ball. You don't want to be in the way when this freight train is coming down the lanes because Jaeger has a job to do and he does it well. Even though he is a big boy, he always maintains a perfect 4 footed box turn with a best time of 4.998. He has also been known to pose on the box for photographers. Jaeger has his Flyball Master title, also enjoys agility, weight pull, and dock diving. Rose Photos For Pets.

Teegan is an 11 year old rescued Standard Poodle which has been playing flyball since 2003. Currently competing with On The Fly, Teegan runs on the veterans team and helps out with the open or regular teams when needed. In his prime he raced on a Multi team in Division one, running time 4.6 seconds. Teegan had a rough start in life, however, Flyball brought him out of his shell. Just shy of his OYNX, he was diagnosed with Spondylosis, leaving him on the sidelines for over a year. Now back in full force this dog loves to play! Photo by

October, 2009
Bentley is a 12 year old Bearded Collie seen competing in this photo at Some Ruff Competition's All About Pets Show Flyball Tournaments Easter weekend 2009. Bentley owns Marcie Vallance of Guelph, Ontario and is a perfect ambassador for the Bearded Collie showing the famous 'Beardie Bounce' every chance he gets. He started his racing career a little later than some at almost 5 years of age, but has never looked back. He is the start dog for Some Ruff Competition's 'Old Age & Treachery' veterans team and can be seen helping out the Regular team from time to time. Bentley is a NAFA Flyball Master Excellent, a CKC Breed Champion, Herding Certified and titled in Obedience. Photo taken by TTL Action Photography.

Selma is a 7-year old Border Collie who came into our home at the age of 4 ˝; she plays flyball with Canine Mutiny in Region 13. She loves to be the start dog and will run for any handler; she does not care who lets her go as long as they are letting her go. Selma is known as the class clown on our team and is proud to have that title. Once coming back from the box, she ran past me and her tug to go for a cool down in the pool outside , leaving my teammates and the judge looking up to see me running out the door to tell her we were not done racing yet. Her fastest time has been 4.0. and at this point she has her ONYX and is currently working on her FGDCh. Selma is owned, loved, and spoiled daily along with her sisters (Shadow, Skye, and Slingshot) by Kerry and Dave. Photo by Len Silvester

September, 2009
Swiper is a 3 year old Jack Russell who is Cole`s best friend. They are members of F.A.M.E. in Moncton, N.B., Canada. Swiper runs mostly as the height dog for the club's fast team and runs consistently under 4.8 seconds with best times around 4.5 seconds. When not on the flyball lane, Cole (seen here in the photo) and Swiper can be seen playing ball together or just cuddling. Photo by Jules Comeau, Kaleano Photo.

Miss Jiff's Hot Off the Press (Xtra) is a 3 year old Miniature Australian Shepherd owned, trained and loved by Ruth VanWert, Team Captain of the Wooferines Flyball Team. A young dog, Xtra has only participated in 10 events but has already accumulated over 3700 NAFA points. She is quickly gaining a reputation in Region 1 for stealing hearts and proving that even "pretty dogs" can play a very serious flyball game. Twice, she has been honored in Region 1 with special awards. She was recognized last July by the Paws-i-tive Attitudes Flyball Club with their "Pawsitive Attitude" award for her winning personality and happy working attitude. Later, Xtra was awarded the "Coolest H eight Dog Award" at Ballistics' River Run Tournament held in Vassar MI, 2008. Xtra was bred by Monica Johnny from Ontario, Canada. Photo by Amy DuMars.

August, 2009
Deuce (Inkwood's Took a Second Look) is a 5 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Inkwood Staffords in Largo, Florida. A solid height dog for Storm Riders, Deuce will run anywhere, anytime, with any group of dogs -- all without a hitch. In her Flyball debut, she earned 3 titles running with dogs she had never met and with only backyard training. Deuce is a petite Staffy filled with determination, tons of heart and her signature Staffy chortle that is heard on the lanes. She is also a Canine Good Citizen. Deuce is owned, handled and adored by Valerie Torres. Photo by Tony Rosca.

Streak is a 9yr old Jack/Parson Russell Terrier; he is one of the height dogs on Inner Drive K9 sports in region 8. Streak loves the game of flyball and always tries his hardest; he can run in any position but loves second the best. Like most terriers he likes everyone to know how much he loves this game buy screaming it as loud and as long as he can, he sounds like a siren from a police car. Streak is active in flyball, agility and the Superdog Performance Team. With Superdogs he has traveled across Canada and into the US, he has even stared in a Superdog movie. It does not matter if he is performing in Superdogs or in flyball he has always been a crowd favorite because of his intense pleasure in everything he does, people love to see this little white dog run. You can see his joy of the game on his face and even in the way he holds up his feet so nothing can slow him down. This picture was taken by David Winters of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

July, 2009
Garth Brooks
This Garth Brooks is a much better athlete than a country singer. He loves the whole concept of the swimmers turn and makes it his personal challenge to get it right every time. Like most American Eskimos, he is very strong minded and is affectionately known as "Mr. T". He has traveled extensively with the International Superdogs and has performed in Orlando, Florida, The National Stock Show in Denver, Colorado, at the Calgary Stampede, in Alberta, The Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, The Royal Manitoba Fair in Brandon, Manitoba, The Red River Ex in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and at Scotia Bank Place in Ottawa, ON. He has appeared on TSN in the Horse and Dog Relay at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, ON. His flyball career has had to a backseat to his travels performing with the Superdogs, but he never misses a beat when back in the lanes and this year he plans on being a big asset to his team. Garth Brooks was patiently trained by a junior handler who was just starting out in this sport of flyball and needed a dog of her own to work and train. Garth Brooks is owned and loved by Andrea Goss and Jim Irvine and plays flyball with Extreme Chaos flyball team. Photo by Len Silvester.

June, 2009
Belle is the #5 Miniature Australian Shepherd and runs with Release The Hounds in Region 15. She is a particularly cute part of Amy and Scott Rideout’s family. Belle runs 10” and her best time is 4.8. At age 8, Belle is running fearlessly behind one of the fastest dogs on the east coast (Darby the big lurcher) in multibreed division 1. She is frequently thought to be a puppy due to her cute little face and form, and often has a few fans cheering her on from the sideline. Belle began her flyball career in 2002, and has been a great ambassador for the breed. Her biggest achievement so far was reaching her Grand Poo-Bah title (30K) on a very special day when she earned 1120 points running on only 1 team! In 2009, the little mini with the sweet box turn will reach her 40K title. Photo by Diane Lewis

May, 2009
Tequila Shooter
Shooter joined the Geen Family in March 2005. Her name, Sarah, just didn’t describe her energy or tenacity, and she was soon aptly renamed, Tequila Shooter. Although small in size, this little fire ball is HUGE in personality and spirit. She is competitive and loves to swim, retrieve and perform new tricks. In typical terrier fashion, she has a lot to say about everything and can always be found in the middle of whatever is going on. She has run several 4.9 second runs in flyball, which demonstrates the huge heart, in this little 11 ˝ inch dog. Shooter has been a great addition to the INXS flyball height dog pool. Photo by Andre Noel

April, 2009
Cujo is a 4 year old pug running with Flyball Fanatics in Region 8 since Sept 06. His mom is Nathalie Torres. Cujo is the first pug to get his FMX title and is currently ranked number 1 pug in Nafa. Cujo averages 6.7-7secs. His fastest time ever was 6.2, this is not great speed but for a pug it sure is! He is also the full time height dog for his team "PugPower"! Cujo loves the sport and the treats that come along with it! Some of the judges get a kick out of his cries on the racing lane. He sounds like a car engine starting up. Cujo and his mom would like to Thank all of the Flyball Fanatics members for their great support! And for more racing years ahead. Photo by David Winters.

March, 2009
Sweep is a 9 ˝ year old blue merle border collie who plays flyball with KAOS Dogsports Inc. in Regina, Saskatchewan (Region 8). She is just shy of achieving her 60,000 NAFA points. Sweep is very intense and takes flyball very seriously!! We have had many comments on her effortless box turn. Sweeps loves to be start dog but will race in any postion and she does it all with a smile. As well as flyball, Sweep is active in numerous demos with KAOS Dogsports Inc. She has performed anually at Regina's Buffalo Days Exhibition, CFL half time shows, seniors' and children's entertainment, and loves to attend as many flyball tournaments that she can in and outside of our region. Sweep is owned, loved and handled by Margo and Carly Rosinski. This picture, taken by David Winters from Winnipeg, Manitoba, shows just how much flyball means to Sweep.

February, 2009
Yoda is a 10-year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Omaha, NE. Owned and handled by Deb Lipschultz on the Omaha SpeedRacers team in region 21. He started his fun filled career by running amuck in the racing lanes, after no time he turned into a reliable staple on our team, running a consistent time of 6.2 through the power years of his career. As the height dog Yoda helped our big dogs achieve many great accomplishments. Yoda recently earned his FDGCh-60 at the age of 10. With a heavy heart Deb had to retire Yoda after a long successful career. Yoda will go down as the #1 Pembroke Welsh Corgi in NAFA with 60,294 points. Yoda has made many lasting memories on our team and will be truly missed.
Photo by Dale Smith

January, 2009
Diesel is a 7 1/2 yr old American Bulldog running with the Rocket City Racers in Region 14. His owner is Chrissy Barribeau. He is the first American Bulldog to obtain is ONYX and is currently the #1 AB in NAFA. Diesel averages 4.4 to 4.7 sec runs. Ask anyone in region 14 and a few others and they all know the big white dog yodeling in the lineup-Diesel runs anchor and is constantly telling the others to hurry it up! Diesel has excelled in flyball and also Obedience and Agility. He is a great dog to his 2 1/2 yr old human sister as well. Many an opinion about bull breeds has changed for the better upon meeting Diesel. He is a great Flyball Dog and a great American Bulldog!

Photo by Norm Casto

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Header photo by Diane Lewis